Traveling Quilt Project

Quilts, quilts, and more quilts:
These wonderful, warm bed coverings have become more than something to keep us comfortable on a cold winter night. They are something much more meaningful to our organization and those we love than we can fully explain in these few words.

The idea of sending quilts to members who were undergoing tough times, difficult medical treatments and recovery came to us several years ago.

We began making, restoring and shopping for these quilts in earnest when we learned of Sisters who were undergoing cancer treatment. Many of our quilting sisters donated quilt tops. Thanks to Arlene, Sister #12, who does the restoration work on many of these quilts. We couldn’t be with all these women because of distance, so instead of being able to wrap our arms around them in love we send them a quilt to keep them safe and warm and to let them know we were with them in their darkest hours. These stayed with the girls while they were in treatment and while they recovered. Then they were returned to us to be prepared for their next hoped- for life-saving mission. A patch is attached to these quilts each time we send them out. It has the Sister’s name and number on it. When we send it along to the next Sister, an additional patch is added. We have a lot of patches, and, thankfully, this gift, although temporary, has comforted many women in trying times. Over time we have sent more than 100 quilts to our Sisters.

As the practice of sending a comfort quilt became more known we began to learn of others, not always Sisters, and not always women, who would benefit from having a warm quilt hug. A number of quilts have gone to men. Some of these were husbands of Sisters, some fathers, or sons. It is very meaningful to learn how appreciative they were.

The quilts have created a lot of conversation among the caregivers and treatment providers as well. They give the people who receive them an opportunity to talk about the love behind the quilt and the hundreds of women thinking about them and praying for their recovery.