As a National Sponsor for Casting for Recovery,
Sisters on the fly fundraises for this breast cancer recovery 
and has fun doing it at the same time with crowd-pleasing events across the country.


cfrThank you to all our Sisters in advance for fundraising for CfR. If a Sister would like to use our Sotf membership email database to reach the thousands of our subscribers on it, please contact us at We can create an online portal for your event for tickets, chances, donations, etc.
Any donation checks from SOTF fundraising events should be made out to Casting for Recovery and mailed to us at:
SOTF Bookkeeper ~ Box 744 ~ Marsing ID ~ 83639
TX SOTF float

Localized Support  Local Sisters can support their local Survivor Sisters… Every local CfR retreat program is “grassroots” and responsible to raise its own funds- about $20,000 per retreat EACH YEAR. Your local CfR state program needs your help!

Sisters are encouraged to raise money and awareness for their local area retreat with events and parties held in the area with donors coming from that community (i.e. a local Sisters Christmas gift or a local Trailer Tour event). 100% of the money raised goes straight to the local retreat program.  We can connect you to your local CfR Program Coordinator so she & her team can help out.


SAVE THE DATE and join Sisters on the fly at this big national fundraiser:
( Learn more at )

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