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STILL CRAZY by Judy Prescott Marshall Sister's on the Fly member #17156! 

A strong, loving and passionate wife discovers a handwritten note that has the power to either destroy her or make her stronger yet.

Still Crazy is the story of one woman's journey through pain, betrayal and forgiveness as she learns to hold onto her faith and, for the first time in her life, trust in herself. Julie Holliday has always had a dream – to be the perfect wife. After she gives her heart to the love of her life, all she wants is for Dan to adore her the way she adores him. With a high school equivalency in one hand and a fist full of ambition in the other, together they build a million-dollar empire. It seems Julie and Dan have a fairytale life – that is, until the day she discovers her love for him is not enough to stop him from having what she suspects is numerous affairs.

Still Crazy is available for pre orders everywhere books are sold starting January 29, 2021.

Sale date is April 1, 2021

Hardcover ISBN 978-0-9910273-3-0 $24.99

eBook ISBN 978-0-9910273-2-3 $5.99