Clothing and More just for you!

Check out our Sisters on the Fly tee shirts, sweatshirts, tops, logowear and other fashion items here. We have talented people out in the big world who love the aesthetic of the Sisters on the Fly and love to adorn us all with their special creations for us and we love creating fashionable items with Sisters in mind. Since we are all so diverse so is this collection of tops.

Sisters on the Fly loves everything about clothes and accessories, especially ones that reflect what we love- some sparkle, some branding, some color.  You really do have to look good and show off in our Sisterhood clothes & accessories and custom pieces. Go in style wearing one of these pieces to  the middle of a field of wildflowers, a pretty river, a campground, a chili cook off, a GO Sisters trip or a Sister-hosted event.

And remember, never show up empty handed and never let on to how easy it all was to look so DARLING and FASHIONABLE!

Clothing , Accessories


SOTF Duckie Hoodie-Ocean BlueSOTF Duckie Hoodie-Ocean Blue
SOTF Duckie Hoodie-GreySOTF Duckie Hoodie-Grey
Red Bling SOTF TeeRed Bling SOTF Tee
Black Bling SOTF TeeBlack Bling SOTF Tee
SOTF Quilted Jacket-BlackSOTF Quilted Jacket-Black
SOTF Quilted Jacket- CreamSOTF Quilted Jacket- Cream
SOTF Elements JacketSOTF Elements Jacket
“Buckin’ Bronco Babe” Hoodie
“Pull On Over” Tee Shirt“Pull On Over” Tee Shirt
Barn Fly Western Logo ShirtBarn Fly Western Logo Shirt
SOTF Sheriff HoodieSOTF Sheriff Hoodie
“Antiques Road Show” Tee Shirt
“Postcard” SS Tee
SOTF Royal Baseball HatSOTF Royal Baseball Hat
SOTF Red Baseball HatSOTF Red Baseball Hat
SOTF Tan Baseball HatSOTF Tan Baseball Hat
SOTF “Vintage Goods” Baseball HatSOTF “Vintage Goods” Baseball Hat
SOTF Yellowstone Baseball HatSOTF Yellowstone Baseball Hat
Our Rt. 66 Baseball Hat
SOTF Turq Baseball HatSOTF Turq Baseball Hat
Rope & Cowgirl BandannaRope & Cowgirl Bandanna
Tasha Polizzi Flag Scarf
SOTF Rainbow BuffSOTF Rainbow Buff
Red Bandana Logo BuffRed Bandana Logo Buff