Looking for great home and trailer decor and interior items?
We are all about our beautiful kitchen and dining items that are great for our home and that are fun in the great outdoors, too. Dish towels that are so fun, tablecloths that are conversation starters, pillows that go indoors and out, flourishings that are darling and bring aesthetic joy to our lives inside and out. We have lots of  kitchen looks we love but these old map-themed linens are the most fun for us.

Sisters on the Fly loves everything about decorating in style whether it’s for our home on wheels, home on the range, home in the campground, mansion or “Tiny House.” Home by any means! And remember, never show up empty handed and never let on to how easy it all was to make your special places look so COLORFUL and PRETTY!

Home & Trailer Decor Items


Etched SOTF Logo & Trailer Beer Pilsner
Etched SOTF Logo Old Fashioned Glass
Etched SOTF Logo Wine GlassEtched SOTF Logo Wine Glass
Etched Glass SOTF Logo Coffee Mug
Oregon Map Tablecloth
Texas Map Tablecloth
Yellow Texas Tablecloth
“Vacationland” Long Tablecloth
Arkansas Flour Sack Towel
California Red Flour Sack Towel
Florida Flour Sack Towel
Idaho Flour Sack TowelIdaho Flour Sack Towel
Indiana Flour Sack Towel
Maine Flour Sack Towel
Minnesota Flour Sack Towel
New Mexico Flour Sack Towel
Ohio Flour Sack Towel
Oregon Flour Sack Towel
Washington Flour Sack Towel
Western States Flour Sack Towel
OK! Souvenir Kitchen TowelOK! Souvenir Kitchen Towel
Yellowstone Souvenir Kitchen TowelYellowstone Souvenir Kitchen Towel
Texas Souvenir Kitchen TowelTexas Souvenir Kitchen Towel
SOTF “Bonus” BlanketsSOTF “Bonus” Blankets