Looking for Sisters branding to buy and stick on your rig?

Add some special touches to your “freedom on wheels!” Here are our Sisters on the Fly decals, signs and branding for your vehicles, some that can be customized with your Sister number so we can know exactly who you are when we see you around town or on the long haul.

Sisters on the Fly loves everything about traveling in style and letting the world know we are Sisters on the Fly! Whether it’s a gathering in the middle of a field of wildflowers, by a river, in a campground, at a chili cook off, in a cabin or at a Sisters house, arrive with your car, truck and trailer ID’ed properly. Never show up empty handed and never let on to how easy it all was for your rig to look SO GOOD!

SOTF Trailer & Travel Items

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Official Sisters on the Fly Decal
SOTF Black Logo Transfer Sticker- SM & MED
Black SOTF Logo Transfer Sticker- L & XL
SOTF White Logo Transfer Sticker- SM & MED
White SOTF Logo Transfer Sticker- L & XL
Sisters on the Fly Magnetic SignSisters on the Fly Magnetic Sign
SaleBlack SOTF Spare Tire Cover
SaleLogo Sun Shade for Vehicles
SaleBig Girl Merit Badges Banner Sticker
SaleSOTF No-Tell Motel Key Fob
SalePostcard Logo Luggage TagPostcard Logo Luggage Tag
SOTF Blue Gingham Bumper Sticker
SOTF Candy Striper Bumper Sticker
SOTF KoozieSOTF Koozie

SOTF Koozie

SaleSOTF Ice Chest Tote
Sisters on the Fly License Plate FrameSisters on the Fly License Plate Frame
SOTF License Plate
“Cut Out Postcard”  Vinyl Decal
SOTF Trailer Hitch Cover
“Postcard Art” Vinyl Decal
God Bless Cowgirls Red Vinyl Decal
Dinner “To Go” in SOTF ToteDinner “To Go” in SOTF Tote
Dinner “To Go” in Burlap Chieftain SatchelDinner “To Go” in Burlap Chieftain Satchel
SOTF Laundry Bag

Showing 1–24 of 32 results

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