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***IMPORTANT: We will need to register your device as a developer in order to test the Apple version. If your device is not registered, the app will not work while in development mode. Androids do not require this, so if you are using an Android phone, just click the download link to get started.

How To Register Your Apple Device

To register your Apple device, please provide your unique Unique Device ID (UDID), Device Name, and Device Platform

iPhone/iPad Device ID Examples

Mac Device ID Examples

To retrieve an iPad or iPhone ID, the device would need to be connected to either a Mac or iTunes via PC. When the device is plugged in, the device will show in Finder (on Mac) or iTunes (on PC). Click on the device in the device list, then click on the line just below the device name – this will show the serial number and the UDID number. Copy the UDID number – this is the device ID.

To retrieve the device name, on the device, go into settings > general > about. The device name will be the first item listed. And then the platform is ios for iPhone or iPad, and Mac for desktop/laptop.

To retrieve the UDID for Mac, click on the Apple icon at the top menu bar, then click on About this Mac > System Report, then copy the Hardware UUID

And to retrieve the device name for Mac, click on the Apple icon at the top menu bar, then click on System Preferences > Sharing