Attention Arizona Area Sisters on the Try!

 In On the Road

Helllllooo Sisters on the Fly in the Phoenix, Arizona area and beyond! Ready to start the New Year out in a positive fashion? Let’s hit it at a run!

First stop – Sisters on the Fly & Girl Camper Welcomes: Sisters on the Try

That’s right, Sisters on the Fly and the Girl Camper Podcast have been invited to take over Toms Camperland in Mesa January 20 & 21.

We’re teaming up with Sister #563 (aka Janine Pettit of the Girl Camper podcast) to celebrate outdoor women with the group that started it all – the Sisters on the Fly and to welcome those new girls to the group and invite Sisters on the Try to see what we’re all about!

Here’s what’s happening at the event:

We are welcome to bring our trailers and camp out with all the new trailers. (Not the first time we have dry camped in
a parking lot – this time with brand new trailers and us!) Dinner and libations will be served.

Friday they will host a “trailer how to” demonstration at 6 pm.

On Saturday, all day open house, welcoming Sisters on the Try to meet and greet Sisters on the Fly. Prizes, Food, Fun, trailer tours and anything else we can throw in.

If you’ve always thought about becoming a Sister on the Fly or wanted to get the scoop on how to “camp like a girl” – this is the event for you!

Hope to visit with you there!

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you to all you sweet, thoughtful Sisters who reached out in sympathy in early January. The loss of my beloved, hard working, faithful Husband of 43 years is still heartbreaking and tender for me. Your cards and letters were uplifting and warmed my heart and soul.
    Sisters near and far have been supportive and kind. Sincerely appreciated all your thoughts and prayers! Karen Kay Jensen…what can I say? You have reached out and called me more than once. You are a Sister Angel. Now I have lost my Father just 6 weeks after losing my Husband. It just helps to have my SOTF sisters to lean on. Hope to grow stronger and even more fun friendships in the coming year. Hugs from Sister 5706, Lina Christensen

  • Pamela Holmes

    I’m actually in Palm Springs and looking for s sister here I might chat with. I am a brand new member and having trouble navigating the site to find California sisters. Can anyone help me? Pam

  • Marty Bruneau

    Hi Pamela,

    I seem to have the same problem. Probably I just don’t spend enough time on the site learning to negotiate it. But I wanted to reach out and say hi from another new member. My phone number is 623-533-2276 if you want to call. I live in Phoenix but I spend a lot of time in CA so I am trying to connect to those gals, too. I understand there is some kind of activity on Coronado Island next week when I will be camping at San Elijo for four days. So I will try to hook up with them if I can figure it out. Apparently there is a lady named Kris Brown who is a good contact there. Also a lady named Judith Dantico posted a similar posting to yours and I answered her and have been communicating with her. She is in the LA area so she is actually closer to you than to me. Just texted her so hopefully you two can find each other.

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