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All Things Pets

It is the mission of Sisters on the fly to empower members to have the kinds of outdoor adventures they’re craving and bringing a pet along for the ride is often part of that experience. It is at the discretion of the event Hostesses to determine whether or not pets are invited to attend their hosted events/trips. Please be sure to respect the direction of the hostesses in regard to pets.

If a SOTF event or trip is marked “No pets,” please keep them at home or at the kennel (with the exception of service dogs**). Every trip is different and the spirit of a trip is often determined by the vision of the hostess and the attendees collectively. You can always check with your hostess prior to an event to determine if you are invited to bring your pets. So, pupperoo or not, it’s “No Men, No Kids, Be Nice and Have Fun!”

** Service animals
They are very different where an event with no pets is concerned. A service animal is not a pet: If you have a service dog, please take a look at the ADA guidelines we advocate below. Fraudulent service animal documents are a U.S. Federal offense and are bad form!

Rules of the Road: Pets Edition

We are eager to make the Sisters on the Fly pet/dog policy work for the entire Sisterhood! In that spirit we’ve put together a few rules of the road for those Sisters who are opting to bring their pet/dog along for the ride:

  • With the exception of service dogs, pets are not permitted at events that are not designated as “petfriendly” events.
  • “Pets” most typically refers to dogs. If you have a different sort of pet in mind, please make the request to the Hostess.
  • Sisters on the Fly recommends you take only one dog with you on a trip; however, we default to the direction of the Hostess and the pet guidelines of the hosting campground.
  • Please be sure to sign the wavier regarding pets before bringing your pup along. Just like everywhere else, ownersare 100% responsible for all the actions of their animals. All liab
    ility lies with the pet owner. (Wavier can be e-signed on the SOTF site or manually signed via the below or on the member’s page.)
  • Be sure your dog is up to date on all vaccinations. (This is a must for most campgrounds.)
  • Good behavior is required of all pets. Dogs of any breed that are hostile or aggressive will be asked to leave the event.
  • Be sure to bring a leash. Dogs must be kept on leashes no longer than 6 feet when outside their owners’ campsite.
  • Do not leave a tethered dog unattended for unreasonable amounts of time.
  • Remember manners. Constant barking bothers other Sisters. If your dog is too vocal, you’ll need to find other accommodations.
  • Please pick up after your pet on all areas within the facility.
  • It’s good practice to keep your pet away from areas where food is set up.
  • Pet Owner will forfeit paid event fees (i.e. camping fees) in the event that their pet or themselves are asked to leave an event.


We have updated the Sisters on the Fly waiver that can be signed annually on the Sisters on the Flywebsite. You can sign this waiver and be set to bring your pet to events for a full year. It is also helpful to print and sign a wavier and have it with you when attending events as the Hostess may ask to see waivers when the event kicks off.

Service Dogs

Service Dog Policy: Sisters on the Fly is committed to making sure those who depend on service animals are empowered to bring theirs along in the case of a “No Pets Invited” event or trip. To give us the courtesy of a heads up on your presence at SOTF events with your service animal, please reach out to with the answers to the two legal questions below:

  1. Is the dog a service animal required because of a disability?
  2. What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?
    (or maybe you are raising or training a certified service puppy/dog?)

We will get back to you with a confirmation that you can forward to all hostesses in advance of SOTF adventures.

A handler must:

– keep her service animal under control at all times or remove it from the event premises.
– insure the service animal poses no danger, aggressive behavior or direct threat to the health & safety of others or she will be asked to remove it from the event premises.
– prevent the service animal from being disruptive to the event in overt ways like barking, begging for food/attention, jumping on attendees, etc…

ADA Business Owners’ Brief: Service Animals

Hostesses should seek confirmation that an animal in attendance is indeed performing tasks for its handler/Sister. This is for the safety of all our members and out of respect for those Sisters who do leave their dogs at home. Please view the Americans with Disabilities Act Federal guidelines, requirements and rules for Service Animals. The ADA trumps any state or local laws, including health regulations.

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