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Fly Fishing Trip Packages

More information coming soon for Summer 2017 and Fall 2017 world class fly fishing trips for all levels of fishing experience. Several Western U.S. trips are in the planning stages.
Please stay tuned!

Below are examples of fly fishing Go Sister trips:

Fishing “Rivers of Awe”/Usually Montana or Wyoming
Every summer we offer trips that put our guests in “hog heaven,” meaning we fly fish blue ribbon rivers out west that are revered for their abundance of healthy and eager trout just waiting to be caught.

Ladies Learn to Fly Fish /Montana
Learning to fly fish and really experiencing the thrill of luring and catching a fish with a fly is something so many women want to do. Time spent fishing a Montana river from the bank and from a drift boat will be the highlight of your summer. Taught by and guided by professional fly fishing guides.

Rogue River Float & Fish/Oregon
This is an adventure that puts our guests on the famous Rogue River (where the movie River Wild was filmed and Zane Gray wrote books), revered for its abundance of healthy trout and steelhead and beautiful, heavily forested canyon in the Coastal Range ecoregion. Rowed by and guided by professional fly fishing guides.

Couples on the Fly/Montana
SOTF breaks one of its rigid rules here, the “NO MEN” rule, on this trip. We invite you and your partner along… male, female, friend, family, fun person… to fly fish blue ribbon waters that are revered for their abundance of healthy, eager trout just waiting to be caught. Fall is a beautiful, less crowded and very productive time to fly fish. Rowed by and guided by professional fly fishing guides.


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