Advertise A Trailer for Sale Here with Us


Non-members and members alike, advertise a trailer for sale here. Everyone is welcome to get your ad posted on our site.

Trailers, RVs, mobile homes… if it’s a lifestyle on wheels you are welcome to advertise it with Sisters on the Fly.

After making your payment in the shopping cart, please submit your ad info listed below

—trailer year, make and model
—creative copy
—terms & conditions
—trailer location
—Status of Title
—seller’s contact information-how you want buyers to reach you
— decent quality trailer photos (up to 10)
****Ad photos will be in a square configuration (like Instagram) so close up images will get cropped. Leave “negative space”  in your photos to allow cropping. Do not send “tight”  or close up photos of trailer exteriors, especially.

Your ad will be active within 24 hours of submission; you’ll be notified when it’s live. Please email when the trailer has sold so it can be manually removed. (Ad is good for one year (expires after a year and can be renewed after.)


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