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Camping Event Organizer

Camping Event Organizer

I made myself one of these to help me remember what events I have signed up for. It holds 12 events. Size is 4.25” x 5.5”. I thought other Sisters might like one. Please email me at if you are interested in purchasing one. The organizer will not be emailed but “snail” mailed.
Fort Smith
Total views: 201
Price: $5.00
Hitch Pitch

Hitch Pitch

Ok Sisters, I've found the solution for leveling our trailers! No more guessing how much to put under the hitch or under the tires to get our trailers level. If you've ever found your refrigerator won't work and try and try to find a solution after hours of frustration, the real fix is just having a level trailer.
Box Elder
Total views: 364
Price: $99.95
Roadside Cottage Fun Items For Camping and Every Day Living

Roadside Cottage Fun Items For Camping and Every Day Living

Roadside Cottage is the original name of my 1959 Aljo Trailer till she got caught in a bad hail storm in July 2014 and now is Dimples. She has been my inspiration on so many levels! I started making items with cute travel trailer fabric and decided to open up an Etsy store.
North Dakota
Total views: 435
Price: $20.00
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