“Airstreams are like chocolates…” Indeed!

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Thank you, Sister of the fly Melissa Y, for sharing this great article about the almighty Airstream and how you can make something that looks like everyone else’s on the outside look and feel so unique and personalized on the inside. Gorgeous! Safe travels & happy trails!

See the full coverage below:

Vintage travel trailer on the outside, modern convenience on the inside


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  • jeanie locklear

    I just purchased a Ford Transit Connect for camping. How and/or where can I get art word done on the outside? I LOVE what some of you have done to your trailers! I want to glam up my van.

    • Jacqueline Fostar

      Tell me how you like your Transit! I’ve been thinking about getting one too as it seems the most affordable and multi use vehicle around, for a decent price! Thanks.

  • Deborah DiCarlo

    I just the ford transit tonight when looking at vans.
    Any feedback girls.
    Just joined and looking to buy to start traveling with you all.

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