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1969 Shasta Compact, mermaid glitter happiness on 2 wheels

Contact Information
Phone: 5184808588
email: k_dragonslayer@yahoo.com
Location: Argyle, NY
Price: $10500

More Information

say hello to Gina :- 1969 shasta compact camper. solid bones, no leaks that I know of, I have sat in her through several hard rains -because it sounds awesome- , structure redone with previous owner, she had intentions of finishing it but ended up with a hefty bill for her horse, she baked the cake and I did the frosting. I did this as a she-shed design, no intentions of selling until I was finished and wanted to do another one. no bathroom BUT there is an empty closet which could hide a small composting potty. as far as sleeping you could remove the chaise and put a futon mattress, the benches underneath are actually 2 so it would work well. original stove/oven and icebox, burners and oven work but propane line will need to be reconnected. new roof vent, new door handle and hardware, all original windows with working cranks, all screens original and no tears. original hubcaps and tires in good shape. road safe -was towed from Texas to Ontario and then from 4.5 hours away to my home with no problems- electrical works with plug in. mermaid themed.lots of glitter and extras. about 1000 pounds. i have registration papers. cash only please and thank you. little wiggle room to the right buyer. I love your group, but I am bound to home with 22 farm animals that need my attention twice daily, so hoping Gina can enjoy being a part of it all.