Why the “No men, no kids, be nice, have fun” rule?

We have had this general rule in place since we started in 1999.

The beauty & benefits of Sisters on the fly is getting women together into the great outdoors. To have optimal adventures without having to think or worry about daily responsibilities, we want the kids, grandkids and guys left at home most of the time for our organized events! Leave it all behind in your rearview mirror and relax…

Camping, travel adventures, philanthropic endeavors, outdoor activities and social events together as women are at the heart & soul of Sotf. This membership-based community supports women in their journey to get up, get out, be more independent, become more adventurous and have a more fulfilling life in the company of other like-minded friends.

Having fun together in the great outdoors is always foremost in our minds.
And women can sometimes not be nice when best laid plans go awry or
there are lots of different personalities all trying their best to “have more fun than anyone,”
so we try to keep the Be Nice rule in check.

A couple years ago we removed the No Dogs part of our rule because we learned sometimes Fido likes to sit “shotgun” and can provide great company and comfort on the road to members.

Why is it called Sisters on the Fly?

SOTF started out in the late 1990’s as a small group of close friends with two real sisters mixed in there (SOTF founders Maurrie & Becky), hence the “Sisters” part, literally and figuratively. “On the Fly” is due to the fact that one main activity of this founding group of women was going fly fishing together. Now, this original group was more “horsey” than “fishy” but the SOTF Founder Maurrie’s son was/is a fishing guide and so that’s what she focused on organizing for her girlfriends.

The main theme of “cowgirls” throughout the Sisters on the Fly community & culture goes back to those gals being horseback riders, horse & rodeo lovers, backcountry trekkers and true western cowgirls.

Sisters on the Fly has evolved from the fishing aspect of its origins to being more holistically a social group of women who like to get together in the outdoors and plan fun things to do. Very few of our active members fly fish. Most just love being a part of a fun women’s network with an outlet to recreating outside…

As a member can I create & offer for-profit events via my business?

Yes! It would be considered an independently operated Sisters on the Fly event. Go for it!

And we sure hope more and more business-savvy Sisters do the same to support their own businesses and meanwhile create & present fun learning and adventure opportunities to all Sister members.

There are different ways to structure & create SOTF events based on if you, as the hostess, deal with all details and payments (“independently operated”) or SOTF does some of that for you.

Our internal Events Booking system supports our members’ events and gets them all posted & out to our network & membership.

Please contact events@sistersonthefly.com with any questions for clarification.


How would you describe this group?

We are a very social organization. Some liken it to a post-college type of sorority if that reference works for you. Some say it is like the adult version of the Girl Scouts since much of Sisters’ socializing, gathering, recreating and celebrating life takes place outdoors. All members are diverse and find their place among other diverse members.

Not every member has a trailer but there is a big focus on how to travel and enjoy the outdoors with one. There are deep friendships, there’s strong support & encouragement among members & a strong desire to be together in the great outdoors and to create a fun, energized and positive experience for all.

Who can join?

All women who want to share in the adventures & the mission of our sisterhood are welcome. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nationality, color, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or age (>21).

On the topic of sexual orientation, since we are being asked more and more—
Sisters on the Fly does not care whether a “woman” is heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual when joining. We are LGBT inclusive. Stating that though, of our thousands of active members, I am not aware of any transgender members (M2F). We do have plenty of members who are lesbian/gay.

If you are a woman or live/identify as a woman and want to be a part of a group that is all-women (made up of women who sometimes act like silly girls, who can cry like babies, who can be bossy, who also reach beyond the stereotype of a woman as they lift, tow, travel, repair, troubleshoot, organize, manage, plan and do the job of a man, who identify with icon “Rosie the Riveter” for all the right reasons and who empathize with other woman about being a woman living life to its fullest) than this is a wonderful group for you.

Note Best: Sisters on the Fly is as wonderful and life-changing as each individual Sister wants to make it. Embrace the opportunity as a cherished member.

Are you a political group?

These days it is hard not to be political. We get that. But we do everything in our power to keep it out of our mission and daily heartbeat. We respect all members opinions, just not on our corporate platform and in our general SOTF world of sisterhood, traveling, appreciating nature and each other.

We are dedicated to being unbiased, neutral, objective and non-partisan, especially toward any particular political group.

We delete social media posts, comments, threads and photos on our SOTF sites that disrupt the more constructive and positive conversations and statements being held there.

If you want to make a political stand & tackle a political agenda with a group of women, this is not the group for you.

Is SOTF a non-profit or for-profit entity?

Sisters on the Fly is a private corporation, Sisters on the Fly, Inc. It is operated as a business; it is not a non-profit. It is a for-profit business with membership dues, an online retail store, fees for its events and trips and other fee-based services it provides.

The Mazie Morrison Foundation (MMF) is a non-profit organization started by SOTF owners Maurrie & Becky. It is independent from SOTF. The MMF has its own Board of Directors overseeing it. Sisters on the Fly does not & cannot profit from donations to the MMF. The MMF can accept donations to support its cause as a 501 (c)(3), whereby it is exempt from federal income tax as its activities have the following purpose: charitable grants to women & girls to enhance the well-being of their lives. SOTF has strong interest in promoting & supporting the MMF as it was set up to honor the founders’ mother who was the inspiration for starting Sisters on the Fly, Inc.

SOTF co-founder Maurrie’s “Quilts on the Fly Project” accepts quilts, quilting & material donations and monetary support in support of Maurrie’s personal efforts. Quilts on the Fly Project is solely Maurrie’s pet project of love & comfort for those requesting a quilt for recovery and comfort during a time of need. Anyone giving to this project cannot write it off as tax deductible as it is not a 501(c)(3). Nor is Sisters on the Fly profiting from donations to the QOTF Project. You are simply supporting Maurrie & her personal project here.

Can I donate to a cause for SOTF?

Yes and our members do this exact thing all day long.  As a group we are very big-hearted and out to make a difference. If a member has a great cause she would like to support and uses the power and generosity of the Sisters on the fly membership base to raise money for that cause or entity, she would be doing it as a Sister on the Fly for Sisters on the fly.

We are currently working on how to present recipients with those giant presenter checks! How fun is that?  A sister gets the recognition for the effort and vision; Sisters on the fly gets credit as well since the giving power came from its members.

Over the years, SOTF members have raised & donated money for local & national non-profits like Casting for Recovery, the Mazie Morrison Foundation, Healing Reins, the Humane Society, various performing arts centers- too many to mention! Click HERE to see a list of fundraisers in the past.)

Contact info@sistersonthefly.com to learn more about organizing something for the greater good under the banner of Sisters on the fly.

Are you a “sanctuary” for women?

In a way I guess you could say that. We want Sisters on the Fly gatherings, events, trips and friendships to be safe, happy, carefree, non-political, liberating and fun.

Our “spaces” are the great outdoors, campgrounds, backyards, rivers, mountains, gardens, and natural places for the most part. And what we read these days about “sanctuary spaces,” that sounds a lot like what is described in finding a person’s sanctuary or safe, happy place.

Being with other women is not always perfect but a good Sister on the Fly can usually navigate through and get to the lovely parts.

What’s a “Sister Mister?”

It is our clever name for a member’s husband. When a Sisters on the Fly event is for couples, we have always called them Sister-Mister events. Maybe that is sounding old and too conventional these days?

If you have a partner or a spouse that isn’t a “mister” per se, that’s cool, still bring them along to those couples events. And we just need to come up with another clever name for those events!

How about calling them “BYOP” Events (“Bring Your Own Partner/Person/Peep”)

Before joining, can I find out about events scheduled near me?

First have a look at our SOTF Activities Daily Calendar that we post for a general overview of what’s going in the world of SOTF and where we are and when throughout the year. (Not every single event is there as there are new events being born daily.)

ALso read this informative blog about our events in general:

Learn About Upcoming SOTF Events BEFORE Joining

We encourage you to become a member today and  join in the fun!
Membership is a year to year subscription and any woman over 21 can subscribe for a year for $70. If they don’t love it, they can always simply not renew at when they expire in a year.




Can you tell me what my vintage trailer is worth?

We cannot.  The VALUE of something vintage is very subjective and can vary widely based on condition, rarity, sentimental factors, road readiness, etc. We recommend you look for your trailer’s make/model/year on the internet to see postings and pricing there to compare.

Good places to search are craigslist, vintage trailer sales sites, vintage trailer club sites, RV sales sites…

Let us know if you want to sell your trailer with our great audience of viewers who are always looking for vintage trailers for sale. Learn how HERE!

Before joining, can I find out how many members live near me?

Yes, always a good idea.

Check out this list of how many member there are in each state and region:

There’s how many SOTF Members & Where?


As a non-member, why can’t I see all the events scheduled?

Unlike MeetUp’s website, our events are privately posted and managed.

We do not want the public showing up to an event unless invited (e.g.- like to a Vintage Trailer Tour event or a fundraising auction).

But you can have a look at our SOTF Activities Daily Calendar that we post that is very general info about what’s going in the world of SOTF and where we are and when throughout the year. (Not every single event is there as there are new events being born daily.)

Also check out this helpful blog about our events:

Learn About Upcoming SOTF Events BEFORE Joining

How many members are there?

When a woman joins Sisters on the Fly she is issued a unique membership number. Numbers are assigned in in chronologic order of sign up.

Since its start up in 1999, more than 11,00 women have joined the SOTF ranks.  Our current active & engaged membership is in excess of 5,000 and growing daily- women who take advantage of this community which supports women in their journey to get up, get out and become more adventurous!

Currently there are  active members in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

Co-founders Maurrie & Becky are numbers #1 & #2 respectively.

Before joining, can I see what events there are?

As a member, you just log in and go to the EVENTS tab and start searching- all upcoming events and their details are listed there.

As a non-member, you cannot see our events. We keep them from public view, for privacy and security purposes (unlike MeetUp where all events are public and  unprotected.)

BUT! You can have a look at our SOTF Activities Daily Calendar that we post for giving general info about what’s going in the world of SOTF and where we are and when throughout the year. (Not every single event is there as there are new events being born daily.)

Or check out this helpful blog about our SOTF events:

Learn About Upcoming SOTF Events BEFORE Joining

Before joining, can I talk to current members?

Sure! But they might be out and about camping, hosting/organizing or attending SOTF events so we’d rather not disrupt their fun!

Instead here is a great blog post with current members’ testimonials of why they love Sisters on the fly as an organization:

Why do you renew YOUR SOTF membership each year?


Can I advertise my business to all SOTF members?

Yes! We love to help promote independent sellers in our Sisters on the Fly Vendors Marketplace forum. It’s easy and very reasonable to post an annual ad there. Members and non-members are welcomed. Advertise HERE if you want to reach thousands of daily SOTF site visitors a week. With more questions about placing an annual ad, please email shop@sistersonthefly.com.


Can I host an event?

Yes and we encourage you to do it!

Contacting your local wrangler is a great first step. Logged in to go and then open up this link:  Current Wrangler List
Tapping your local wrangler is the way to go… or email events@sistersonthefly.com for more help.

Any member can create an event for members to attend.
It can be any type of event- a monthly book club, a birthday bash, a group hike with dogs, a camp out, a weekend lake retreat…. You decide and make it so!
More events in more areas all over the country make connecting with each other more possible.

In our wonderful Events portal it is easy to create an event and invite members to attend.
The SOTF Hostess Handbook is a great resource (look under “Wrangler Lists, Forms, Docs”  under SISTERHOOD WIDE INFO)



Can I rejoin if I let my membership slip?

A great big YES! Please do! We’ve been waiting!
Sisters on the Fly is bigger, better and more organized than ever and you’ll love what we have going on for you.

If you have never logged onto our new SOTF site (basically since May 20, 2016), watch this tutorial of how to log in (very easy) and then click on the RENEW button to get the ball rolling again.

(If that doesn’t do it,  email membership@sistersonthefly.com to get help.)

Can I sell things on the SOTF website?

Yes! We help promote independent sellers in our Sisters on the Fly Vendors Marketplace forum. It’s easy and very reasonable to post an annual ad there. Advertise HERE if you want to reach thousands of daily SOTF site visitors a week.

We also sell and promote “Officially Licensed” SOTF branded products from members and non-members who are profiting by using our SOTF  name and logo on custom product and selling those items in our SOTF SHOP.

It is an easy process and licensing agreement to be a branded vendor- email shop@sistersonthefly.com for info.

Can you help me find a trailer?

There are hundreds of SOTF members who are always willing to help someone find or vet the purchase of a trailer!
As a member, there are groups, private group FB pages and forums devoted to just this.
Go to our Official SOTF Facebook page (members only) and ask for advice. You will get a ton of response!

Member or not, a great place to start your search is on our very popular Vendors Marketplace TRAILERS FOR SALE page.

Why am I not seeing my trailer info in the Members Trailer Gallery?
With our new website, the way your trailer info gets “published” is to go into your member profile and complete those trailer info fields.
So once logged in, under members area, go to ‘MY PROFILE” then click on PROFILE>EDIT>SISTER INFO to fill out trailer info fields and CONTACT INFO to fill in your personal contact info- if you haven’t already.
Once you fill in the trailer info fields and SAVE, that pushes your trailer photo and info to the MEMBERS TRAILER GALLERY, a public gallery for all to see and also instantly and automatically adds your unique trailer name to our TRAILER NAMES Master List (private page for members only to view). Very slick and easy!
Note that if you do not upload a trailer photo it will not generate your trailer info to the Members’ Trailer Gallery. A name, model and year are not enough to get it posted there! It wants a photo!
Your trailer photo is a whole different upload than your profile photo upload. If your trailer photo is not uploaded beneath trailer fields, it will not appear in the MEMBER’S TRAILER GALLERY which needs a trailer image to publish.
Can anyone sell a trailer on your site?

Yes! Members and non-members are invited to list their trailer for sale at our TRAILERS FOR SALE showcase in our Marketplace. Trailers, RVs, mobile homes… if it’s a lifestyle on wheels you are welcome to advertise it with Sisters on the Fly.

It is actually very popular and several trailers are listed for sale each week and just as many sell.

This section of our website gets heavy traffic and has excellent search engine optimization (SEO). And, it is very transparent— you can see how many viewers have checked out your trailer’s classified ad there- very very cool!

Check the Vendors Marketplace Trailers for Sale ads and place your ad there.


Do I need a trailer to join?

Nope. Although camping in vintage trailers has become one of the things SOTF has become recognized for, you do not need to have a trailer, vintage or otherwise to join or to attend events. You are welcome to join us with whatever you have or nothing at all. We have several Sisters who have full size RV’s, some with new trailers/campers, vans and some even have tents. Come along with us however you can get there and manage a good night sleep!

I personally am a 15 year member and still have not purchased a trailer to go camping in. I have attended SOTF events that were camping-centric and have done that by:
~Staying in a tent, dubbed lovingly as “Tent Trash!”
~Staying in a nearby motel or hotel
~Staying with friends or an airbnb nearby
~Attending events in my area and heading home each night and returning each day
~Staying in an available campground cabin or lodge
~Mooching off another Sister and staying in her darling trailer’s extra berth

Events often have alternative accommodations or recommendations for our non-trailer camper contingent.


Do I need to know how to fly fish to be a member?

No and actually a high percentage of our members do not fly fish.

The organization was started when the founders Maurrie and Becky (real sisters) took their girlfriends fly fishing. Why fly fishing? Because Maurrie’s son Austin is this really awesome, famous, highly sought-after fly fishing guide in Montana.

The big point they made here (and continue to make) is to bring your girlfriends along and get out and do something fun and different and beautiful and fresh and natural. You introduce them to something new maybe and they introduce you to something new. Kayaking, ukulele lessons, master gardening, hiking, parasailing, mushroom foraying, thrift & junk shopping, dutch oven cooking, day-tripping…

(The whole trailer camping thing was born here too with all the girlfriends meeting up and camping riverside for their fly fishing day trips.)

How do I connect with other members?

You have lots of resources at your fingertips as a member.

Our website’s MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY in the MEMBERS AREA enables a member to find all members by name, SOTF number, trailer name (if you see a trailer on the road and want to know its owner!), city, state and country or view the master list by numerical order for the BIG picture of who’s who.

Your area Wrangler is also a great resource to help connect with members and activities. A comprehensive list of all current Wranglers in also available as a document in MEMBERS AREA on our site.

A great way to connect is to find a local event to attend in our EVENTS pages.

Make sure you fill out your personal SOTF profile info in our Members’ Area so others can find YOU in the Member’s Directory.



How do I find members in my area?

As a member, you can find all members and their profiles in the MEMBERS AREA in MEMBER DIRECTORY.
And don’t be shy. The main reason we are all members is to connect with other like-minded women.

As a non-member, you can find general numbers of active members in your state and your region here in this blog article:

There’s how many SOTF Members & Where?


How is SOTF different than Meet Up sites?

Our organization’s events and gatherings are privately published events.
The public does not have access to viewing our planned events nor is the location publicized. All our events can be accessed and viewed on our site by active members only. Signing up is confidential and a member’s privacy is regarded.

MeetUp no longer has a privacy policy. All MeetUp events and activities are public. Sisters on the Fly truly wants our members’ comings and goings to be a private matter while camping, recreating, gathering, and relaxing.

MeetUp is fairly non-selective. While not being “selective, SOTF knows its cast of characters and who is coming and going where and with whom. SOTF members all seem to be on a common thread (that’s why they’re members)- women coming together to be safe, be active, be independent, and be empowered to enjoy the outdoors and life with friendly ties and affiliations.


How do I get a “Merit Badge?”
We try to explain how you earn or justify getting each badge in the shopping cart items themselves with a creative description.
It is an honor system- no one is keeping track for you or you need not earn “x” amount a year like the Girl Scouts. Usually you are with other members who share in the action or event or it just happens spontaneously (like the “Camping in Bad Weather” badge).
No checklists to follow to achieve- very loose parameters.
When some earn and accumulate them, they display them proudly on camp chairs, banners, jean jackets, windows, etc… Members need to purchase them from our store shopping cart.
Members even buy them for each other as gifts knowing someone earned one. Fun.
Badge pages in our store:
What are SOTF Events all about?

SOTF events are for members only.
These are outings, gatherings, luncheons, dinner and a movie, cook outs, wine or town tours, antiquing junkets, craft sessions, jam sessions, celebrations, destination trips and so much more that occur locally or regionally throughout the country and sometimes nationally.

Organized events vary from simple 2-hour get-togethers,  half day activities,  all-day things,  2-4 day long weekend events, a week long trip… and everything in between.

An event may have a nominal fee attached to it that covers organizational and activity fees if applicable. Some events are “free” or more “free-form” while other events with fees required are cost-effective and created with thrift and affordability in mind so all members can participate.

(Any active member is welcome to attend any and all of these events. All events can be found and booked on this website in our private membership portal. (Log in and go to EVENTS tab.)

Holding a SOTF Event is any Sister’s prerogative and any Sister can organize one!  They are usually co-hosted by more than one Sister to help with logistics and the “cat-herding.” With the assistance of our Hostess Handbook, the organizing and holding of an event is as straightforward as possible.

Are there fees for Member Events and GO Trips?

Fees can vary from FREE to expensive (but well-worth it)!

Lots of events are casual local gatherings or short 1/2 day or day-long events and are free to attend.
Many are “free” but you are covering all your own, incidental costs.
Many have a nominal fee to cover the venue or campsite or special event or feature shared by all.
Some special fees might come with a fancy catered dinner, an excursion, transportation, etc… and it may come as a packaged fee or a la carte fees.
Higher price tags are usually attached to destination vacation type trips like our GO Sister trips, that are longer, more extravagant and often unique, bucket list adventures using professional guides and/or services that can rack up the cost but for a real return in investment.



What can I expect as a new member?

We expect you to be proactive! Jump into it all!

As soon as you join, you will get an official SOTF number that’s yours and only yours. You will have access to the private members’ portion of the web site. You need to fill out your personal profile there to let other members know who you are. You will be contacted by your area Wrangler to help get you connected. Or you can contact her from the master list of Wranglers available to you.

You can search the MEMBERS DIRECTORY for women living in your region, city and state. You can contact them and introduce yourself to them.

You can join the CHAT app and introduce yourself there.

You can view all EVENTS and sign up for as many as you want. You can even be BOLD and create an event of your own and let your new Sisters know about it (our Events Manager can help you here).

You can introduce your trailer to the Sisterhood or start shopping for one if you so wish.

We are counting on you to get the momentum going…

What if I want to discontinue my membership?

We would be very sad to see you go. And we would be very interested in knowing why and would hope we could change that for you to make SOTF a better experience for you and all members, and/or change your mind.

An annual membership is non-refundable but you do not have to renew it once it expires.

Your SOTF Official number is yours forever though even after your membership has expired and will never be issued to another member. SO if you have a change of heart you can rejoin and get your number reinstated.



What is a “GO Sister” Trip?

These “GO” trips are above and beyond our other member hosted “events.”

SOTF “GO” Sister trips are special women’s destination vacations organized by owners Maurrie & Becky. Several days long, these destination trips give you bang for the buck! (The “GO” stands for “Get Outdoors,” “Great Outdoors” and “You GO, Sister!”) They range anywhere from “Pay-Your-Own-Way” to up to $2200 for these over the top experiences.

They take pride in organizing amazing trips for women of all walks of life & life experiences. SOTF GO Sister Trips hope to introduce women to new adventures in a natural setting, in small intimate groups and at a personal level. You do not need to be a member to sign up for these trips.

What is a “SOTF Wrangler?”

Wranglers are members who volunteer to organize their area’s SOTF contingent.
A wrangler can oversee a part of a state, more than one state, or a country region.
There might be more than one wrangler for an area (Co-Wranglers).
Wrangler are responsible for:

  • making first contact with a brand new member
  • welcoming new sisters and helping them connect to others
  • keeping local members informed and involved
  • help with any troubleshooting
Who are the “Wranglers?”

We have members who have stepped into the role of “wranglers.” Wranglers are in charge of a state region, a state, several states or a national region and keep “their” area members in the know and connected to all things SOTF. Kind of like a Den Mom!

Wranglers are volunteers and take on the position because they love everything that SOTF stands for and want all their area members to be happy campers and be involved. They are passionate and take the role very seriously.

Wrangler are a member’s “go-to” for questions, info, help and guidance. A current list of all wranglers is available in our Members Area portal.

What is my “SOTF anniversary date?”

Your Sister anniversary date is the day you joined up and the date each year you need to renew your membership. Our notice to renew is now automated so everyone gets a gentle reminder.

Your anniversary date can be found  in

MEMBERS AREA>My SOTF Account> My Membership— then choose “Subscriptions” to view your membership date

The other date in there of May 19 is NOT your date. It is when your membership info was imported to this new website… don’t worry about that. We have you covered.

What is the annual membership fee?

Our dues is $70 annually.

What’s the Hostess concept with SOTF Events?

Holding a SOTF Event is any Sister’s prerogative and any Sister can organize one! That makes her the hostess of it. She might often have a committee supporting her. Events are often co-hosted by more than one Sister to help with logistics and the “cat-herding.” With the assistance of our Hostess Handbook, the organizing and holding of an event is as straightforward as possible.

So anyone can create a SOTF event and host it. It can be a one hour event or a 4 day event. The hostess calls the shots and makes the rule and parameters for the event, publishes the event and follows the attendees’ sign ups.

What’s with the “be nice” rule?

The Golden Rule!
Women can not be nice sometimes. We ask that all members act kindly and considerately towards one another. Friends can be cliquish but we always want all Sisters to feel included and invited.

Any member can attend any event posted on our site- very inviting!

Are pets allowed at events?

Here is our full “Pet Policy-

SOTF Events & Pets: Get the Poop Scoop Here!


Why “no kids” as a rule?

Our events are based around having “me-time” and driving away from the daily grind and responsibilities. Activities center around you, your Sisters and your surroundings.

Doing things with your kids and grandkids is great. But SOTF events are meant to be a getaway for YOU to re-energize, regroup, and not worry about the kiddos.

But wait! Once in awhile we do include the kids and/or grandkids. A hostess will have a kids-centered event or activity.

What about alcohol at gatherings?

This is a great question! A non-member acquaintance of mine learned I was a Sister and she said she’d heard it’s big drinking club. It is a big social and friendly club, yes. Like middle school, a sorority or any gaggle of women, you find diverse groups and types within them.

With so many members, there is the full gamut of imbibers- from teetotalers (non-imbibers) to lovers of the grape or grain!

There is no SOTF rule against alcohol. The rule of “Be Nice” and be considerate to all sisters would be tapped if a Sister does become offensive, disruptive or rude due to her alcohol consumption or for any other reason for that matter. The hostess representing SOTF has the right to ask a person to leave a gathering. Campgrounds and other venues have their own rules about quiet time and behavior of guests as well.

The hostess makes the basic rules for an event she is spearheading. Some events are activities during the day where drinks would just be plain counterproductive and counterintuitive. Some events are celebrations where a specialty cocktail could actually be the theme or treat.

We are all adults. We navigate the dynamics of this group just like we all navigate life in general.

Why “no men” as a rule?

Our events are based around having “me-time” and driving away from the daily grind and responsibilities. Activities center around you, your Sisters and your surroundings.

Doing things with your husband and with “the guys” is great. But SOTF events are meant to be a getaway for YOU to re-energize, regroup, and not worry about the guy(s) you left behind.

But wait! Once in awhile we do include the guys, husbands, non-member partners… A hostess will have a couples event or activity where significant others are welcome.

(FYI, the husband of a Sister is sometimes referred to as a  Sister Mister. Clever…)

Why does my profile say I paid my dues on May 19 but I didn’t?

This is very confusing, isn’t it?
THAT date in there of May 19 is NOT your membership dues due date (anniversary date of joining). It is actually when your membership info was imported to this new website… don’t worry about that. We have you covered.

Your anniversary date can be found  in:
MEMBERS AREA>My SOTF Account> My Membership— then choose “Subscriptions” to view your membership date

Your Sister anniversary date is the day you joined up and the date each year you need to renew your membership. Our notice to renew is now automated so everyone gets a gentle reminder.

Why is there an annual dues?

$70 dues goes to maintaining this awesome organization and website with its private members portal, Events portal, member directory and so much more for members only.

It helps support a small staff which includes our awesome SOTF Events manager, our busy Bookkeeper, our 24/7 Website moderator, our Social Media guru, our Membership Queen and our Wrangler of Wranglers.

Members also get an annual membership package of SOTF-related goodies as member appreciation.

Sisters on the Fly is a privately owned business that continues to make services for its members bigger and better and maintain a high quality of customer service through membership dues.

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