We have more fun than anyone

Becky and Maurrie are truly sisters. They were brought up by their adventurous mother Mazie who was the best role model for these two and taught them how to enjoy the outdoors and become capable, independent women. Mazie lived to be 94 and her spirit is still with her daughters as they continue to inspire women to travel and camp and fish and explore every horizon as empowered adventurers.

In 1999, Becky and Maurrie were fishing in Montana with Austin Lowder, Maurrie’s son, an outfitter, and guide. One of the sisters (which one has never been disclosed and is part of the lore and fish tale) had the good luck to catch an 8-pound trout.

sisters fish on copy

Well, while they were celebrating with a glass of wine back at camp, they got to thinking, “We are having way too much fun to keep all the good times to ourselves. Let’s invite some of our girlfriends to come along on the next trip.” And that’s just how Sisters on the fly was born.

Since that August day in 1999, more than 12,500 women have joined the SOTF ranks.  Our current active membership is in excess of 8,000 and growing daily- women who take advantage of all Sisters on the fly offers. Come join the fun!

ABOUT Maurrie & Becky

Maurrie Sussman calls the West Coast of the United States her home. As a child she, along with her parents, Jesse and Mazie Morrison, and her sister Rebecca, spent her summers camping, fishing, and touring the great outdoors. Mazie made certain the camping experiences continued even while Jesse, a Marine Corps colonel, was assigned overseas. These adventures helped create an outgoing and adventurous spirit in the girls. Sussman, as an adult, used this spirit and her entrepreneurial skills to create small businesses in the service industry. In addition to managing these businesses, Sussman’s humanitarian interests in others led her to volunteer work with the Phoenix Red Cross, feeding the homeless at Andre House, and working with AIDS projects. In 1999 she and Rebecca established Sisters on the fly, which has become the largest women’s outdoor adventure organization in the country.

Rebecca Clarke is a native Californian who grew up on the sunny shores of Laguna Beach, CA. Becky is one of two founding members, along with her sister Maurrie, of Sisters on the fly, the largest women’s outdoor adventure group in the country. Clarke has pursued a lifetime career in interior design and has owned and operated retail home design and interior businesses in California and in Idaho, where she currently resides.