We have more fun than anyone

They fly in the mail, by plane or truck, from state to state, from hand to hand, from heart to heart!

These wonderful, warm bed coverings have become more than something to keep us comfortable on a cold winter night. They are something much more meaningful to our organization and those we love than we can fully explain in these few words.

dani from CFR and her SOTF quiltThe co-founder of Sisters on the Fly, Maurrie, is a quilter and the idea of sending quilts to members who were undergoing tough times, difficult medical treatments and recovery came to her several years ago. She and other quilting Sisters began hunting for, making, restoring and rehabbing quilts in earnest when Sotf  learned of Sisters who were undergoing cancer treatment.

The quilts stay with the recipients while they are in treatment and while they recover. Then they’re returned to SOTF to be prepared for their next  life-saving mission. Over time Sotf has sent more than 3200 quilts out. As the practice of sending a comfort quilt became more known, we began to learn of others, not always Sisters, and not always women, who would benefit from having a warm quilt “hug.”

quilt to joannThe quilts have created a lot of conversation among the caregivers as well. Patients who receive them get to share the story and the love behind the quilt and the hundreds of women thinking about them and praying for their recovery.

To request a quilt for a loved one: email support@sistersonthefly.com


If you’d like to send/donate quilts and/or materials for this project, please mail to:

 Sisters on the Fly
c/o April McDonald
409 Broadway
Comfort TX   78013