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In 2013, CBS Sunday morning tracked down the Sisters on the Fly at a camping outing and captured some of the magic of the Sisterhood. We’ve since changed the rules a bit (now there are trips where dogs can join!) and we’re at close to 7,500 members. Still, the little Sunday story gets to the heart of what Sisters on the Fly is about.

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Why Sisters Love Being Sisters

  • You are never alone, you have over 7,000 women friends instantly to have an adventure with.  Get outside and Live your life now.

    Mig W #1480
  • SOTF looked like the group I wanted to join after retiring as a postmaster. I did not need a vintage camper- I wanted a newer camper that I could make look like my childhood as an Army Brat! I have made friends in SOTF that are an integral part of my life and I love all my sisters! (I was an only child!)
    Louise G # 3233
  • In fun times and when I need support for life's trials, I'm forever grateful for all of my sisters. It's wonderful to be connected.

    Sallianne B #2163
  • For me SOTF is the BEST thing I have ever done for myself!  The friendships I have made will last a lifetime!  The fun and travels I have experienced will always be treasured! Thank you Maurrie and Becky for exposing me to fun and laughter and for the feelings of independence that come from belonging to such a wonderful group of women!
    Karen L # 459
  • I have met such smart, creative and energetic women through Sisters on the Fly and love these outdoorsy, spirited, resourceful Sisters of mine! Make Sisters on the Fly whatever you want it to be FOR YOU!!!

    Ceci B #127
  • I have met the most incredible women through sisters on the fly. They are the three c's: caring, charismatic, and crazy.

    Sherry Gibbons # 121
  • This group is the best. Everyone has such a huge heart for each other and an esprit de corps matched nowhere else exists among the Sisters locally and nationally.

    Nicole C # 5578
  • I lost my only son in 2005, my husband in 2006, my only biological sister in 2008 and (at the time) when I joined SOTF in 2009, I gained 1500 sisters.  Sisters On The Fly has been a lifesaver for me and I don't know how I ever existed without these spectacular women in my life!
    Robin M # 1470