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Oprah.com tracked down the Sisters on the Fly at a camping outing and learned the magic of the Sisterhood. We’ve since changed the rules a bit (now there are trips where dogs can come along) and we’re at close to 9,700 sign-ups with 4500 Sisters actively creating SOTF memories.

And enjoy this Arizona Highways TV video coverage of Sisters on the Fly!

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Why Sisters Love Being Sisters

  • I loved organizing the trailer, planning a new road trip, building a great fire. But nothing made me feel more alone than parking in a full campground on a holiday weekend in the midst of happy families. Sisters events changed ALL that, now I have all the friends and ALL the fun! Thanks, SOTF!

    C Lee # 4914
  • For me SOTF is the BEST thing I have ever done for myself!  The friendships I have made will last a lifetime!  The fun and travels I have experienced will always be treasured! Thank you Maurrie and Becky for exposing me to fun and laughter and for the feelings of independence that come from belonging to such a wonderful group of women!
    Karen L # 459
  • SOTF looked like the group I wanted to join after retiring as a postmaster. I did not need a vintage camper- I wanted a newer camper that I could make look like my childhood as an Army Brat! I have made friends in SOTF that are an integral part of my life and I love all my sisters! (I was an only child!)
    Louise G # 3233
  • I lost my only son in 2005, my husband in 2006, my only biological sister in 2008 and (at the time) when I joined SOTF in 2009, I gained 1500 sisters.  Sisters On The Fly has been a lifesaver for me and I don't know how I ever existed without these spectacular women in my life!
    Robin M # 1470
  • SOTF is such a great sisterhood of gals that like to do what you do. We have so many opportunities for great friendships and new experiences. I love being a sister and enjoying the traveling and fun times together!

    Shelley M # 2300
  • I found my youth again! Sister times are best friend times where we laugh together, cry together and try adventurous things TOGETHER. I love sister time.

    Teresa T. #1645
  • I have met the most incredible women through sisters on the fly. They are the three c's: caring, charismatic, and crazy.

    Sherry Gibbons # 121
  • I have found more friends and like-minded ladies through SOTF than I ever believed possible. These girls will help in any situation or trouble with encouragement and knowledge. I have truly found my home in SOTF.

    Kathy C # 6456
  • In fun times and when I need support for life's trials, I'm forever grateful for all of my sisters. It's wonderful to be connected.

    Sallianne B #2163
  • You are never alone, you have over 7,000 women friends instantly to have an adventure with.  Get outside and Live your life now.

    Mig W #1480
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