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Sister Spotlight: New Member Sister #13405


Author and long-distance horse rider Bernice Ende stands with her stalwart companions from earlier rides: Honor and Claire Dog.

I truly look forward to meeting Bernice at some point in the near future, I hope it is sooner rather than later!

You have had many adventures since you started long riding.  Why did you choose to join Sisters on the Fly?
“I’ve always been a solo traveler, one reason being that I ride 10-30 miles a day, and don’t know exactly where I will camp each night, which is often on open public land.  Another reason, is that I’d really never heard much of SOTF until Sarah Wilson was telling me about you.  Again, I thought I wasn’t a “fit.”  Then this year on my book tour, driving my pickup and trailer, camping in the trailer itself, and needing to find those kinds of compatible camping places each night, I felt like maybe I had more in common.  But now I am very excited about all the possibilities, meeting Sisters at my talks, but also that Sisters are inviting me to join “events” when my travels meet up with them.  One of the reasons I ride is to encourage women leadership.  I love independent women!”

What one piece of advice can you offer to another member that is hesitant about “getting out there” alone for the first time?
Fear, the single most definitive reason why most do not “get out there” is a heady thing. And truly it is all in ones head. To proceed with out fear is freedom. Replacing fear with caution, attentiveness and skill is my personal way. The very act of BEING PREPARED will usually in and of itself set one in motion, make the wheels turn. But to be clearly attached to the vision you have set for ones self is also very important be very clear about what and where and why you are going. THEN, prepare. Embrace uncertainty, surprise, mystery.”

I love to ride, my horse Andy is almost 20 so we don’t go very far or very long.  At this time in my life I don’t believe I will get another horse.  For those that don’t ride or have never ridden but would like to….what would you say to encourage them to do so?
Actually I do not encourage women who have never ridden or who have not ridden for many years to go off on rides and or to purchase a horse. It’s far to dangerous. As we age we lose our response skills, agility nor we do not bounce as we once did.

I do however, encourage older women whose riding skills have faded or have never existed to take riding lessons in a safe environment, on safe horses, with an instructor in an arena with sand!

If you would like to see what Bernice is up to at this very moment, click here:  https://www.endeofthetrail.com

By: Debra Nordberg, Sister # 1878, Membership Coordinator

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  1. So very cool Bernice and you are oh so right! Once you take the plunge and get out there there’s no looking back! I also ride, have owned a horse when I was younger but now just ” sponsor ” one thru an Organization dedicated to rehabilitating abused/ neglected equines. You are right with your advice to ” newbies ” but Rescue Organizations can enhance the experience and provide the person with a wonderful and worthwhile endeavor!
    Good luck to you Bernice and happy trails! Hoping our paths cross someday soon! Kathy Waters, Sister #13334

  2. I’ve been following Bernice and her rides for three years now. In total, she’s ridden about 30,000 miles over the last 15 years, from ages 50 to 64! Her book came out last year, and next year she will be participating in many 19th Amendment Centennial activities. Very inspiring to follow this intrepid traveler.

  3. OMGosh, so excited to have Bernice as part of this group! She is a wonderful, interesting, inspiring, courageous woman. I met Bernice at my little coffee shop in Dolores, CO as she was traveling through and have been following her ever since. I hope to see her again at a SOFT event. Welcome Bernice!!

  4. I just rejoined. And paid. I don’t know my number. The number for Bernice also showed up for me.

    How do I find members near me. I’m in TN just north of GA. I live in Chattanooga.

  5. A happy happenstance brought Bernice and I together camping on Fairgrounds property in Havre, MT.
    She was close to the end of her book tour (Please read her book!), and I am two and a half months into a one year trip around the U.S. in my 10′ vintage trailer. We touched lives going in opposite directions
    I am the first Sister she has met! I am so privileged. I am pretty new, also, but we had much to share, and I love her!
    If you get an opportunity to meet her, please do. And in the meantime, continue her message that women can be out there following their vision.
    Happy to be a Sister!

  6. New member,but old lady ! lol. Met the Sisters at the Lavender Festival in Mi in July 2019. Allison(Tawanda) has me hooked. We own a camper and Im not worried about driving it. Usually I just go along for the rides that will also be an adventure! Im 70 and ready. My family supports my leaving home. Humm ?
    I used to ride a lot in my much younger years..but I do still love the smell of sweaty horse and leather !
    Happy Trails to all

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