Sisters on the Fly is the largest outdoor women’s group in the United States with members in all 50 states, Canada, France and Australia.

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The membership-based community supports women in their efforts to experience the outdoors with a style, color and passion that’s unique to Sisters on the Fly. The organization fosters a network of 7,000+ women and an impressive calendar of events that take place all over the country, year round. Sister activities (member-hosted “SOTF Events” and corporate-organized “GO Sister Trips”) include everything from fly fishing to horseback riding, camping, hiking, outdoor gathering, wine tasting and most famously, restoring and touring vintage campers. Above all, Sisters on the Fly offers a safe and supportive culture for women of all walks of life to come together and enjoy the great outdoors.

A Sister must be at least 21 years old to join but other than that, there aren’t too many rules… except these:

“No Men, No Kids, Be Nice, Have Fun!”

Pretty easy, huh? At Sisters on the Fly, we don’t discriminate over race, religion, or sexual orientation and we do our best to leave politics at home. A Sister on the Fly does not need to own a trailer, know how to fish or know anyone else in the group to be included in club adventures.

Come along and have the adventure of a lifetime. Simply register below and get ready to have more fun than anyone!

Sign up or renew: Our membership is $70 a year and grants you access to our conversations, member directories, calendar of events, and community of support.

If you’re just joining: As soon as you fill in the form and pay the annual membership fee below, you’ll be registered! After that, you’ll be able to log into our online Sisters home portal. That’s where you can post to the message boards, register and show off a trailer, create and attend events, reach out to local Sisters and find Sisters with similar hobbies and interests.

Once you’ve logged in you will see your official Sister Number (yours for life) in your profile. Also, you will soon get a one-on-one welcome from your area’s Wrangler. A welcome package with your official SOTF certificate, membership certificate, annual SOTF patch and other SOTF goodies will be in the mail for you in the near future- be patient!
We’re saving you a seat, Sister. See you on the trail!

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