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Location: Sandy, OR
Price: $185

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   Hey Campers  and  Sisters on the Fly ~~~ 

   Here"s the perfect blanket for your vintage trailer ~ inside and out !  They are TRULY  “ From your nose, to under your toes ! “ These 5' x 8' TWO thickness blankets fit the odd sized beds and “ table beds “ perfectly ; they are also great for sitting outside visiting with your “ sistas “ and other camping neighbors. 

   Made from high end anti pill fleece, I pipe them all the way around, and of course, have the AWESOME ~ licensed ~ SOTF - fishing pole - logo embroidered along the bottom.

   Custom color combinations / designs / plaids available - a tad extra - whatever goes best with YOUR trailer ~ Just call / text and I"ll get you set up !

   These ARE the best blankets you can buy for you and your trailer....100% guaranteed 🤗

   I"ve been making these blankets here in Oregon for 15+ years....feel free to request pictures of past sales for color combo ideas . 

                                       BEAUTIFUL yet DURABLE ~~~ Normal wash / dry.