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The website will track no-shows, and a sister will receive a point for each time she is a no-show.     A no-show is defined as a sister who has signed up on the website to attend an event but neither attends the event nor cancels her attendance (via the website and/or notifying the hostess) 48 hours prior to the first day of the event.

Once a sister has accrued 3 points over a one-year period, she will be put in a pending status.  A sister will still be able to go to events but will have to wait until the first wave of event signups has occurred.  In short, she will go on a waitlist even if there is no waitlist.  A hostess has the capability to invite her off the waitlist to the event at any time.

Point(s) will be removed upon its one-year anniversary (i.e., if you are a no-show at an event on 14 January 2022, those points will be removed on 14 January 2023).  SOTF understands some emergencies really do excuse a no-show.  With that said, it is highly unlikely three such emergencies will happen within a one-year time frame.