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Only 19 patches left as of June 2014- this is now a “collectible” patch and we will sell no more after these sell out…

Mazie was our Matriarch and is still the energy behind Sisters on the fly. We are honoring her by having a badge just for the kind of service that she has provided.

Becky and I often turned to one of our sisters and said it is your turn to watch Mazie. Well, now you can get a badge just for having had your turn at keeping an eye on her in the past. She could escape quite quickly, smoke cigars behind the barn, dance on the tables, drink her martini each day. She hated complainers and our whole life time, if we were sick she would say ” take a shower and you will feel better” and you know, to this day, that works! Thanks, Mazie

  1. In order to buy a badge from the Mazie collection you must write a story telling us about your time with her. Those will be the most fun reading stories.

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