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SOTF Relief Efforts & Events

Hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes, wild fires, flash floods…crazy events! Natural disasters that Mother Nature dishes out and we have no power or control over.

Sisters are here to help! If we learn of a Sister in need you can bet there are SOTF members willing to respond whole-heartedly and in full force locally or nationally.

Our members-driven Sister Corps events are hands on and members are ready to dig in…literally. They can tackle debris & trash removal, hauling, potable water delivery, property clearing, home repairs, personal hygiene supplies, etc… With the versatility and mobility of our members (travel trailers {aka bedrooms on wheels} & work-horse towing vehicles) an organized Sister Corps group can react pretty quickly.

Let us know if you or another Sister needs assistance after a natural disaster to help with the enormity of a situation and help get back to some normalcy.

Read about our Sister Corps clean-up event in Port Aransas, TX.

Contact president@sistercorps.com Leeann Moore 325 242 3733 with a description of your urgency or someone else’s need.

There are disaster relief funds available within your reach. When you email, inquire about where and how to apply for financial support to support the relief effort.

Please join the Sister Corps Facebook page for SOTF members only as well as the Sister Corps Public information page.


~Diana, Sister #3578 writes that donors outside SOTF contributed to this post-Hurricane Harvey Christmas Gifts for Students project, but it was still primarily Sisters  on the Fly’s effort and Sisters were the ones that made the trip and were represented in Bloomington. Here is an article to share and the recognition that Sisters got.  Note: there is a typo–they raised 40K, not 140K. READ ARTICLE HERE


Their first official support event as a volunteer corps was this hurricane disaster relief. Port Aransas has been identified as one of the group’s favorite camping places, and their volunteers didn’t fail to bring 100 percent to their efforts on the ground. They tackled debris and garbage removal, clearing property, hauling loads in or out (depending on what was required), and sourcing potable water and personal hygiene supplies. READ ARTICLE HERE




Abilene women help Harvey victims