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ADA Service Animals are not domestic pets and therefore this Policy does not apply to them.

For purposes of this policy, Pets include dogs  but not cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, mice, rats, small caged birds, fish, exotic or wild animals such as iguanas and hedgehogs.

For many years, SOTF adhered to a NO Pet policy. The reasons for this are self-evident for the most part but the rule has been relaxed as to dogs in recent years.

A hostess may however deem an event No Pet event which would exclude Pets. 

In all other cases the following policy applies:

  1. A Sister who wishes to bring a pet to an Event shall notify the hostess when registering. No more than two pets may be possessed by a Sister at any event.
  2. A Sister shall sign and submit a Pet Waiver prior to arriving at an event with a pet.
  3. Pet size is not limited; however, Sister Pet owners must maintain control over the pet at all times.
  4. The pet shall be properly licensed and inoculated as required by local, county or state statute, ordinance or health code; female dogs over the age of six months must be spayed and male dogs over the age of eight months must be neutered. If health problems prevent sterilization, Sister shall present a veterinarian’s certificate stating same to allow pet attendance.
  5. At all times during the event, Pets shall wear an identification collar and be restrained (on a leash) except in specific fenced pet walking areas.
  6. Sister owners are liable for damages resulting from actions of their pet. To that end, pet insurance is strongly encouraged, where available.
  7. Sisters bringing pets shall provide the Hostess the name and address of a pet caretaker who will assume responsibility for the care of their pets should the Sister-owner experiences an emergency that prohibits her direct care of the Pet.
  8. A Sister Pet owner shall keep the Event premises and surrounding environs clean and free of pet odors, insect infestation, feces, urine, waste and litter and shall immediately remove same in the case of an accident,
  9. A Sister Pet owner shall exercise proper control of the pet to prevent the pet from becoming a nuisance to any other person and shall not leave the Pet unattended in a building/trailer/tent/vehicle for an unreasonable amount of time.
  10. Pets of vicious or dangerous disposition shall not be permitted. Any pet duly determined to constitute under state or local law as a nuisance or threat may be required to be immediately removed.
  11. Pets may not enter eating or gathering areas. Pets shall not enter areas designated as no-pet areas by the Hostess.
  12. A Sister owner is responsible for the proper care, feeding and watering of the pet. The Hostess may contact the appropriate state or local authority to remove and care for pets that are not properly cared for.