We have more fun than anyone


Wow!  Mayhem in McKinney
We are delighted, amazed, thrilled, and proud (are there any more adjectives we can add?) about the number of events our members have posted during the recent past.  Women from all around the country have stepped up, organizing and hosting fabulous events for their Sisters to enjoy.

This year alone you have posted more than 600 events, many simple lunch or dinner gatherings, a huge number of weekend camping outings, and an increasing number of week long (and longer) events, such as the Lewis & Clark Trip, the Waltz across Texas in 2016 and the earlier Route 66 road trip.

Along with this growth we must acknowledge there also comes change.  We’ve been challenged to figure out how we can best address the necessary changes and continue to “get back to the basics” of this organization we love.  This will involve giving hostesses control over the organization, planning and carrying out their events.  While they will have autonomy, there will always be helping hands and assistance readily available from those of us behind the scenes.

A lot of thought and consideration has been put into what we’ve created to meet the compliance requirements for the organization as we go into 2018.  It is our hope you all view this new path with positive energy and an open heart.  We want to ensure Sisters on the Fly is around for many more years and we need your help with this new plan to make that a certainty.

Please find the new guidelines, references and instructions by looking under MEMBERS AREA for EVENT PLANNING GUIDE.


Maurrie, Sister #1

Becky, Sister #2