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Seeds of Kindness
Spring is here! A time of reawakening in many ways. In Wyoming we see the emergence of grizzly and black bear. We anticipate the arrival of our mountain bluebirds and our State bird the meadowlark. We search for our spring bulbs pushing their way through the snow to see the sun. We eagerly watch for any tint of green on our trees and slowly watch the ice melt from the river so we can fish again. I start sorting through my garden/flower wish list, I enjoy looking at all the beautiful pictures on the seed catalog pages and dream of what my hands can plant for my flower vases and table. Let’s share this with each other. Seed packets are everywhere, affordable and easy to send. Find your favorite flower or vegetable seeds, maybe you handpicked seeds from your garden….even better! Go the our member directory, https://www.sistersonthefly.com/search-members/. Add 7 to your Sister #, enter that number in the search bar. If it comes back 0 add another 1 until you find a Sister to send your seeds to(remember to reset your search each time). Share, share, share on our FB pages. Sisters on the Fly does not want any of you to feel isolated or alone during this time. If you know of a Sister that isn’t on FB or doesn’t use a computer, please pass this on. We can brighten each other’s day with a simple seed packet and a note. I hope you join me in passing “seeds of kindness” to our Sisters. Need help? Reach out to me Debra, at membership@sistersonthefly.com. Get ready, get set, GO!!!!!