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Holiday Greetings Little Sisters!

It’s Holiday Season Gift Exchange Time!  We have been doing this for many years, it brings me great joy!  I love hearing about the gifts we share and the notes we write, it’s one of my favorite things.  Time to take a few minutes and meet a new sister or at least be reacquainted with one you already know.

What are the rules?

When the invite is posted on the website your job is to send an email to:

giftexchange@sistersonthefly.com to let us know of your desire to join us.  When you notify us of your desire to participate make certain to include the following:


Mailing Address:

Sister Number:

Email Address:

*We cannot accept your entry without all the information.  We will then let you know the name of your Holiday Gift Exchange Sister.  


Then you should reach out right away and provide your contact information to your Sister.  Be sure to give her your name, Sister number and where you live.  After EACH of you do that, the fun begins.
Send notes or emails and get to know your new friend.  While you are chatting ask questions about what she likes, does for hobbies, favorite trailer.  That will give you a list of ideas to fill a box with things she likes., check her Pinterest Board.

Everyone loves handmade gifts, and my favorite gifts have been those that are handmade and hand-wrapped with little notes attached to each item.  Make sure you make it a special time!  Then call or write your Sister a huge thank you.  That is the most important.

Please know there may be, for reasons we are not aware of, a Sister who may not respond to you.  That’s OK, we can’t possibly know what may happen suddenly that prevents a response.  So, it’s time to move on and get in touch with us.

We will find another person who has ended up in the same position, hook the two of you up, these can be the best treasures ever.

Please do not request a Sister for the exchange if you are not prepared to reciprocate.  If there is a problem then email us and let us know you can no longer participate.

Remember, it is not the gift you receive that counts, it is the new friendships being made, trips being contemplated and adventures to be shared. This is our special way of celebrating the season and welcoming a new year filled with new friends, hope for future adventures and “Having More Fun Than Anyone”!