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Month of May – Share Your Talent

We came together last month, not around the campfire but sharing our Corners. We learned a bit more about each other and had the best time! Let’s continue the sharing with May’s theme of SHARE YOUR TALENT!
We are all unique and that’s what makes us a fabulous Sisterhood. Whether you love to sing, sculpt, sew, play an instrument, fly fish, craft, sail, bake, run, write, dance, garden, etc., it is time to share it with your Sisters!
Showcase your talent with a short video or pictures and a short paragraph. Post your talent on the Official Sisters on the Fly Facebook page. From there we will add submissions to the SOTF website and share with our Sisters that don’t use FB!
Your hostesses, Lynda and Barbara will enter all Sisters who participate in “Share Your Talent” into a drawing to win fun Travel with Kindness items.