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Admin & Staff Roles

Please contact the follow department for any questions & info:

SOTF General Info & Help:
 Debra #1878

SOTF Membership Help & Info:
Debra #1878

SOTF Membership Number, Profile, Login Issues:
  Debra #1878

SOTF Event Posting & Editing Help:
Glenda #62 

SOTF Insurance Binder Inquiries:
 ​ Glenda #62

SOTF Payout & Payment/Waiver:
​ Glenda #62

SOTF Badges & Shop Merchandise Questions:
Tara #106

SOTF Website, Shop, Shop Cart Issues : 
   Tara #106

SOTF Brand Licensing & Logos  Info:
Tara #106

SOTF in the News, Sister Deaths & SOTF Event Fundraiser Reports:
  Tara #106

Speaking Engagements, Presentations & Appearances:
 Maurrie #1 & CEO

SOTF National Wrangler:
  Kris #474

SOTF Corporate Secretary:
Kaarin #441

Address for mailing check payments or event correspondence:
Sisters on the Fly
PO Box 21867, Billings MT, 59104

Personalized Quilt on the Fly request for a loved one:

General Mailing Address for Sisters on the Fly:
PO Box 21867, Billings MT, 59104