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Oregon State Patch


By popular demand- Individual State Patches!

With input from Sister members from several states, the feedback was for patches that reflect nature and state pride.
The state flower, plant or tree is colorfully illustrated and highlighted and the nickname for the state is proudly indicated…

Each patch is 3.5″ wide on a white ground & a contrasting border. Iron-on backing but you can sew on as well.

We present this SOTF STATE PATCH  & Collection here (with more to come- one for each state) .
SOTF hopes every  state patch we debut will be collected by its members:

  • who live in the state, have visited, recreated and/or camped the state, once lived in the state,  love the state for one reason or another, or love a sister or two from that state!

Collect them! Swap them! Gift them! Create with them!

We hope your collection of these state patches turn into something fun & creative like:

  • a quilt designed around them, a blanket, a banner, a country map marked with them, drink coasters, adornment for home furnishings, clothing & trailer

Please send us pictures when you do! (shop@sistersonthefly.com)

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