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1959 Mercury

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Phone: 7203130757
email: susie@alloverthemap.org
Location: Larkspur, CO
Price: $17500

More Information

Freddy is not in his original interior state. The walls and ceiling are 5/16"" T & G aspen paneling. Cabinet carcasses are birch plywood and the doors and drawer fronts are ambrosia maple. The curtains futon cover and upholstery are new and stain-resistant. Originally, the bed can easily shove back and you have a sofa. Above the bed is a small upper bunk which is more of a hammock. Freddy is a good blend of new and old technology and for a small trailer, there is a ton of storage space. The water tank sits above the counter next to the sink with a faucet at the bottom. There is also a city water hook-up when you are at the campground. There is no hot water heater but that is solved with a tea kettle on the original Princess stove which we have meticulously cleaned and had powder coated. It works perfectly. There is a new little Suburban furnace and the icebox is also original and powder coated. On the high tech side, Freddy has a 12vDC outlet and a 120vAC outlet under the table. There is a modern power supply in the seat which will charge your batteries when plugged into shore power as well as distribute the 120V and 12VDC to the various LED lights. The original gas light located above the table works perfectly. The highest tech feature is the portable solar charging unit and the batteries. A 120 watt Go Power solar unit and controller is connected to two 6v 130 Ah AGM batteries hooked in series. The batteries are Power Safe by EnerSys and are specifically designed for solar applications. The awning comes with the pole, guy wires and stakes the 9" wide x 8" deep awning will shade you from the nasty UV while your solar collector is loving the UV. As for the other facilities, remember this is a 1959 CAMPER! Back then people probably use the very smelly outhouse in the campground. But, not so with Freddy. Included is a portable little pot