We have more fun than anyone

Why is there an annual dues?

$70 dues goes to maintaining this awesome organization and website with its private members portal, Events portal, member directory and so much more for members only. It helps support a small staff which includes our awesome SOTF Events manager, our busy Bookkeeper, our 24/7 Website moderator, our […]

Are there fees for Member Events

Fees can vary from FREE to expensive (but well-worth it)! Lots of events are casual local gatherings or short 1/2 day or day-long events and are free to attend. Many are “free” but you are covering all your own, incidental costs. Many have a nominal […]

What’s the Hostess concept with SOTF Events?

Holding a SOTF Event is any Sister’s prerogative and any Sister can organize one! That makes her the hostess of it. She might often have a committee supporting her. Events are often co-hosted by more than one Sister to help with logistics and the “cat-herding.” With the assistance of our Hostess […]

What is the annual membership fee?

Our dues is $70 annually.

What if I want to discontinue my membership?

We would be very sad to see you go. And we would be very interested in knowing why and would hope we could change that for you to make SOTF a better experience for you and all members, and/or change your mind. An annual membership is non-refundable […]

What is my “SOTF anniversary date?”

Your Sister anniversary date is the day you joined up and the date each year you need to renew your membership. Our notice to renew is now automated so everyone gets a gentle reminder. Your anniversary date can be found  in MEMBERS AREA>My SOTF Account> My […]

Why does my profile say I paid my dues on May 19 but I didn’t?

This is very confusing, isn’t it? THAT date in there of May 19 is NOT your membership dues due date (anniversary date of joining). It is actually when your membership info was imported to this new website… don’t worry about that. We have you covered. Your […]