We have more fun than anyone

DSC_0083While we are having so much fun getting together, we are having a ton of fun raising money for great causes, doing good deeds, and supporting some wonderful programs all over the country. With Sisters in every state embracing different causes that are local, personal and/or meaningful to them, Sisters on the Fly’s philanthropic reach extends far and wide and touchs many diverse people and organizations. Below are the three efforts we embrace at a corporate level.



Sisters on the Fly’s own philanthropic arm, The Mazie Morrison Foundation (MMF), is a 501 (c) (3)  non-profit organization that grants money and scholarships to women and children in need. It was created in 2015 to  honor the Sisters on the Fly founders’ mother, Mazie. This fund grows through generous support from Sister members and general charitable giving.


Sisters on the Fly supports Casting for Recovery (CfR). It is a national sponsor for this wonderful non-profit. CfR is the perfect cause for SOTF as it stands for everything it loves, too- women’s health, fly-fishing, the great outdoors, empowerment, wellness and happiness. SOTF donations help fund CfR’s healing and therapeutic fly-fishing retreats for breast cancer patients and survivors so they can attend AT NO COST. Many CfR retreat participants and volunteers are SOTF members. What a special sisterhood that is.


Sisters on the Fly has a soft spot for quilting and donates new & resuscitated quilted throws and coverlets to those Sister members and their friends and family in need of soft comfort. The grassroots  Quilts on the Fly is a labor of love by Sisters. Some materials needed are donated but most come from personal financing to make it happen. Quilts often come back to SOTF after they helped heal the body and spirit to be offered again, unconditionally.

100% of money raised for each and every charity we support goes to those charities.