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Custom SOTF Business Cards


Get yours! Swap, collect & network with them!

These official business cards are available for active members of SOTF.
Price is for 500 cards and the extra expense of drop-shipping and handling anywhere within the U.S. ( That might seem expensive but trust us, this is a members’ service and we make nothing on these card orders…)

Here is the standardized design for our Sisters on the Fly official business card. FRONT only. Back is blank for notes and jotting down things. (Yes, it is pretty darn plain but we want it that way for YOU to embellish it with your own flair- Sharpie marker doodles & flourishes, fun stickers like stars and flowers, glitter stick perhaps? Sisters are sooo creative!)
Please do not create your own design. Every Sister’s card should have the same logo & branding as our staff, our Wranglers and eachother’s cards.
This card features one of SOTF’s trademarks that is exclusively for authorized use only.

Once you place your order here, SOTF will create your very own personalized company card and order them for you.

They will be drop-shipped to your mailing address (no PO boxes- we need your shipping address please) within two weeks of placing your order. Expect a week to 10 days to receive them after your order has been placed.

It is a basic business card size- 3.5” x 2”
Order is for 500 cards

****WHEN ORDERING- before checking out and before placing your order for processing, please fill out the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION for ORDERS Notes area and let us know the following:
– How you want YOUR NAME to read on business card
– your Sister Number
– Your City and State
– Your phone number
– Your email address

Any questions please email shop@sistersonthefly.com

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