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Travel with Kindness Decal


The new Travel with Kindness design is in celebration of the 2020 Travel with Kindness campaign where we as sisters came together while we stayed apart. We shared our Corners, Pets, Recipes, Talent and Costumes. With 55,000 responses we loved one another while extending kindness. As we now hit the road and gather around the campfire or table, grab a handful of the Travel with Kindness decals to put on your rig and gift to others who touch your heart along the way. Whether you travel down your local road or halfway around the world, travel with kindness and spread these 4″ x 6″ TwK decals around like confetti.

Submitted by Barbara Bond #8837 and Lynda Fountain #8835 in honor of Wendi whose legacy was traveling around the world with the simple message to “make a difference and make our planet shine with universal love”.

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