We have more fun than anyone

How do I connect with other members?

You have lots of resources at your fingertips as a member. Our website’s MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY in the MEMBERS AREA enables a member to find all members by name, SOTF number, trailer name (if you see a trailer on the road and want to know its owner!), city, state […]

What is a “SOTF Wrangler?”

Wranglers are members who volunteer to organize their area’s SOTF contingent. A wrangler can oversee a part of a state, more than one state, or a country region. There might be more than one wrangler for an area (Co-Wranglers). Wrangler are responsible for: making first […]

How do I find members in my area?

As a member, you can find all members and their profiles in the MEMBERS AREA in MEMBER DIRECTORY. And don’t be shy. The main reason we are all members is to connect with other like-minded women. As a non-member, you can find general numbers of […]

How is SOTF different than Meet Up sites?

Our organization’s events and gatherings are privately published events. The public does not have access to viewing our planned events nor is the location publicized. All our events can be accessed and viewed on our site by active members only. Signing up is confidential and a […]

What can I expect as a new member?

We expect you to be proactive! Jump into it all! As soon as you join, you will get an official SOTF number that’s yours and only yours. You will have access to the private members’ portion of the web site. You need to fill out […]

Do I need a trailer to join?

Nope. Although camping in vintage trailers has become one of the things SOTF has become recognized for, you do not need to have a trailer, vintage or otherwise to join or to attend events. You are welcome to join us with whatever you have or nothing at all. We have several Sisters who have full size RV’s, […]

Who are the “Wranglers?”

We have members who have stepped into the role of “wranglers.” Wranglers are in charge of a state region, a state, several states or a national region and keep “their” area members in the know and connected to all things SOTF. Kind of like a […]

What is the annual membership fee?

Our dues is $70 annually.

What if I want to discontinue my membership?

We would be very sad to see you go. And we would be very interested in knowing why and would hope we could change that for you to make SOTF a better experience for you and all members, and/or change your mind. An annual membership is non-refundable […]

Can I rejoin if I let my membership slip?

A great big YES! Please do! We’ve been waiting! Sisters on the Fly is bigger, better and more organized than ever and you’ll love what we have going on for you. If you have never logged onto our new SOTF site (basically since May 20, […]