We have more fun than anyone

How is SOTF different than Meet Up sites?


Our organization’s events and gatherings are privately published events.

The public does not have access to viewing our planned events nor is the location publicized. All our events can be accessed and viewed on our site by active members only. Signing up is confidential and a member’s privacy is regarded.

MeetUp no longer has a privacy policy. All MeetUp events and activities are public. Sisters on the Fly truly wants our members’ comings and goings to be a private matter while camping, recreating, gathering, and relaxing.

MeetUp is fairly non-selective. While not being “selective, SOTF knows its cast of characters and who is coming and going where and with whom. SOTF members all seem to be on a common thread (that’s why they’re members)- women coming together to be safe, be active, be independent, and be empowered to enjoy the outdoors and life with friendly ties and affiliations.