We have more fun than anyone

Do I need a trailer to join?


Nope. Although camping in vintage trailers has become one of the things SOTF has become recognized for, you do not need to have a trailer, vintage or otherwise to join or to attend events. You are welcome to join us with whatever you have or nothing at all. We have several Sisters who have full size RV’s, some with new trailers/campers, vans and some even have tents. Come along with us however you can get there and manage a good night sleep!

I personally am a 15 year member and still have not purchased a trailer to go camping in. I have attended SOTF events that were camping-centric and have done that by:
~Staying in a tent, dubbed lovingly as “Tent Trash!”
~Staying in a nearby motel or hotel
~Staying with friends or an airbnb nearby
~Attending events in my area and heading home each night and returning each day
~Staying in an available campground cabin or lodge
~Mooching off another Sister and staying in her darling trailer’s extra berth

Events often have alternative accommodations or recommendations for our non-trailer camper contingent.