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Why am I not seeing my trailer info in the Members Trailer Gallery?

With our new website, the way your trailer info gets “published” is to go into your member profile and complete those trailer info fields.
So once logged in, under members area, go to ‘MY PROFILE” then click on PROFILE>EDIT>SISTER INFO to fill out trailer info fields and CONTACT INFO to fill in your personal contact info- if you haven’t already.
Once you fill in the trailer info fields and SAVE, that pushes your trailer photo and info to the MEMBERS TRAILER GALLERY, a public gallery for all to see and also instantly and automatically adds your unique trailer name to our TRAILER NAMES Master List (private page for members only to view). Very slick and easy!
Note that if you do not upload a trailer photo it will not generate your trailer info to the Members’ Trailer Gallery. A name, model and year are not enough to get it posted there! It wants a photo!
Your trailer photo is a whole different upload than your profile photo upload. If your trailer photo is not uploaded beneath trailer fields, it will not appear in the MEMBER’S TRAILER GALLERY which needs a trailer image to publish.