We have more fun than anyone

Why is it called Sisters on the Fly?


SOTF started out in the late 1990’s as a small group of close friends with two real sisters mixed in there (SOTF founders Maurrie & Becky), hence the “Sisters” part, literally and figuratively. “On the Fly” is due to the fact that one main activity of this founding group of women was going fly fishing together. Now, this original group was more “horsey” than “fishy” but the SOTF Founder Maurrie’s son was/is a fishing guide and so that’s what she focused on organizing for her girlfriends.

The main theme of “cowgirls” throughout the Sisters on the Fly community & culture goes back to those gals being horseback riders, horse & rodeo lovers, backcountry trekkers and true western cowgirls.

Sisters on the Fly has evolved from the fishing aspect of its origins to being more holistically a social group of women who like to get together in the outdoors and plan fun things to do. Very few of our active members fly fish. Most just love being a part of a fun women’s network with an outlet to recreating outside…