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This Land Was Made for You and Me


The summer brings with it such a sense of beauty, potential, liveliness. We’re able to dust off the start of the year, and relax a bit, knowing the lush sunny days are meant to be enjoyed.

If there’s one thing every Sister has in common, it’s a love of having our feet on the land, standing in communion with this beautiful country. Beyond all the politics, and the commercialization, there’s the land itself. It remains beautiful and available no matter what the day’s headlines bring.

As Woody Guthrie wrote, “This land is your land, this land is my land.” This bold and beautiful verse reminds us that the endless skyways and golden valleys belong to anyone who can become still long enough to appreciate them, even for a moment.

One such Sister is Carol Youorski, a self-taught photographer and long-time Sister on the Fly, whose finely tuned senstiblity for the capturing the American landscape would make Woody Guthrie himself tear up.

Below is a sampling of Carol’s artwork. Each image seems to say, “This land was made for you and me,” would you agree?


All photos copyright to Yourorski Photography, www.youorskiphotography.com/

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