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Sister Spotlight on #2348


“As soon as I found out that there were thousands of other dress-up lovin,’ party-going,
vintage trailer lovin’ women doing it solo like I did, I knew I had to join!”In 2011, while living in Australia and working on her magazine, Vintage Caravan Magazine, Lisa Mora heard about our fun loving Sister on the fly group and quickly became Sister #2348. After meeting and becoming friends with several Sisters on her travels to the US, she watched her US subscriber base grow so she started producing a US version called Vintage Trailer Magazine.

Lisa acts mostly as a one-woman show and exudes so much energy. She writes, edits, photographs, designs… you name it. Sisters on the fly has been lucky enough to be featured, along with many of our members, in several of her magazine’s issues.

Traveling runs deep in Lisa’s veins. Her Australian mother and American father introduced her to an “on the fly” lifestyle and between the ages of 2 and 18, Lisa found herself living in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Holland, Sweden,
Morocco and Spain, and visited many others in between.

In 2014 Lisa moved from Australia to the US and settled in the state of Oregon. A year later, she was diagnosed with severe Rheumatoid Disease and was incredibly ill and nearly crippled for almost two years. After many unsuccessful treatments, she finally found a medication routine that gave her strength and mobility back.

These days you can find Lisa back behind the wheel of her beloved Hudson pulling “Rosie,” her trailer. Lisa  explains, “I get a feeling of absolute joy whenever I take my old Hudson “Doc” and “Rosie” the 1949 Crown bobbing along behind me down the road! I love the changing scenery; I love the photos I get, the people I meet, the vintage trailers I see and the stories I hear. I love my rolling tiny home. I love living simply and plotting my own course. It’s the best life ever out there on the road. Most of all I love being able to share that passion with my readers through my Vintage Trailer Magazine.”

When asked about her setbacks and the trials life has thrown at her, Lisa says, “I am
determined to overcome any hurdles and get the most out of my life. I experience setbacks, challenges, doubts, breakdowns (the car and me!) fears; you name it! But the positives always far outweigh the negative. There is a lot more of America I want to explore yet and a whole bunch of fun-loving, confident, kind, caring and empowered women I call sisters and friends out there who have got my back, so I’m gonna keep rollin’ on!”

(This blog post article was contributed by Nicole C, Sister # 5578.)

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