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What are SOTF Events all about?


SOTF events are for members only.
These are outings, gatherings, luncheons, dinner and a movie, cook outs, wine or town tours, antiquing junkets, craft sessions, jam sessions, celebrations, destination trips and so much more that occur locally or regionally throughout the country and sometimes nationally.

Organized events vary from simple 2-hour get-togethers,  half day activities,  all-day things,  2-4 day long weekend events, a week long trip… and everything in between.

An event may have a nominal fee attached to it that covers organizational and activity fees if applicable. Some events are “free” or more “free-form” while other events with fees required are cost-effective and created with thrift and affordability in mind so all members can participate.

(Any active member is welcome to attend any and all of these events. All events can be found and booked on this website in our private membership portal. (Log in and go to EVENTS tab.)

Holding a SOTF Event is any Sister’s prerogative and any Sister can organize one!  They are usually co-hosted by more than one Sister to help with logistics and the “cat-herding.” With the assistance of our Hostess Handbook, the organizing and holding of an event is as straightforward as possible.