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How many SOTF Members Live Where?

One big sisterhood

(Updated January 2019)

We do not have “chapters” per se. You might say we are “free-range!” We have no borders and there’s no fencing around us! We are one big membership of women (a “Sisterhood”) residing all over. Bigger states have bigger numbers of members, of course, and there are denser hubs of members in bigger cities and metropolitan areas. Warmer states more suitable for year-round recreation and camping typically have more members than other states.

No trailer? No fishing? No problem!

You do not need a camper trailer to join in the fun. Even I, a longtime member, use a tent or local motel to attend SOTF events and any overnight gatherings. So you don’t either! (If I can do it, you can too!) And just because our name implies fly fishing, a very high percentage of us do not fish nor care to even try. SOTF has evolved quite a bit since it’s origins as a small women’s fishing group to what it is now- the largest women’s outdoorsy social & recreational group in the nation.

Think Regional

All our members are grouped in 10 basic geographical regions to help facilitate local or regional gatherings and events and to communicate better on a colloquial level. Those regions are:

(Canada, Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, E. Washington, W. Washington)
2. SOTF WEST REGION (California, Nevada, Hawaii)
3. SOTF SOUTHWEST REGION (Arizona, Utah, New Mexico)
5. SOTF ROCKY MOUNTAIN REGION (Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, So. Dakota, No. Dakota)
6. SOTF HEARTLAND REGION (Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma)
7. SOTF MIDWEST REGION (Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois)
 (New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, NH & VT)
APPALACHIA REGION (Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, MD, PA, NJ & DE, Tennessee)
(North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi)

By the numbers—

Below are how many active, annual dues-paying Sisters on the fly members there are in these states & foreign countries
(as of January 2019).


Alabama- 101
Alaska- 16
Arizona- 300
Arkansas- 100
California- 885
Colorado- 286
Connecticut- 28
Delaware- 13
District of Columbia- 3
Florida- 281
Georgia- 220
Hawaii- 4
Idaho- 173
Illinois- 106
Indiana- 81
Iowa- 40
Kansas- 86
Kentucky- 52
Louisiana- 70
Maine- 30
Maryland- 56
Massachusetts- 58
Michigan- 101
Minnesota- 62
Mississippi- 36
Missouri- 162
Montana- 165
Nebraska- 26
Nevada- 75
New Hampshire- 25
New Jersey- 55
New Mexico- 75
New York- 126
North Carolina- 160
North Dakota- 14
Ohio- 145
Oklahoma- 170
Oregon- 227
Pennsylvania- 81
Rhode Island- 10
South Carolina- 70
South Dakota- 36
Tennessee- 111
Texas- 1,153
Utah- 46
Vermont- 20
Virginia- 121
Washington- 363
West Virginia- 18
Wisconsin- 65
Wyoming- 80

To learn more click HERE.

To reach out and learn more, email us.

Thanks for checking out Sisters on the fly. Hope to see you as a member soon.


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  1. Hello to all, I am new to the group today. I’m looking for members in Maine and I will be moving to Florida in the near future, Looking to connect and participate in events or gatherings
    Rose W

  2. Hi there! I’m new to the group. I live in Salem, Oregon. I’m looking forward to going on fun adventures and making new friends.

      1. Hi Linda. I’m in Gastonia, near Charlotte. I’m a SWAT because my car won’t pull a camper. Hoping to see you at some SOTF events soon. I’m signed up for Sesqui this Saturday in Columbia, In your area at Lakemont, Ga. in April, and The Highland Games in Linville In July.

  3. Hello, I just joined today….I’m in Austin, Texas and do not have a trailer —yet!
    I’m hoping to learn as I go from this great bunch of inspirational gals!

    1. Hi Sandra Vela in Austin! I am sister 1300 and I am in Austin as well. If you are on Facebook there is an Austin area group That get together for dinners and other activities in town. Look for MORE the merrier Austin SOTF. No trailer – yet – No problem. Often there are events with cabins on the sites and people stay there too.

      1. Hi
        I am in Austin also
        Is there a newsletter for the Texas chapter?
        Would love to attend the dinners, etc.
        How do I get in touch?
        Sending my phone number: 5125689180
        I am a Sister.
        Diane Vercher

    2. Hi, Sandra Welcome. I am Sister #8722 Carol Jean, have been a SOTF for about a year. I live in Lubbock. I don’t have a trailer either but the two excursions I have attended were tent friendly. I figured if I waited until I got a trailer I would be missing out on a lot of fun so I travel and play with a tent. So far it’s been great! Last time in Alto, NM-one gal from Albuquerque slept in her Lincoln SUV in the tent site next to mine. Where’s there’s a will there’s a way! I am not on Facebook (anymore). My e-mail is c_j_bart@Hotmail.com. I am registered for the South Llano River outing near Junction 9/21-23. Also, the Sulphur Springs date in October is for SWAT (Sisters with a Tent) I am registered for that one but it’s really far from Lubbock–all the way across the state –so I am thinking about cancelling that one. Good Luck–and again Welcome!

  4. Hi, I am newer member looking to connect with other Sisters. I am full time RVer currently in Bellevue WA (outside Seattle) visiting family.
    Any Sisters around that want to get a cuppa?

    1. Hi Karin,

      I live in Blaine, WA (on the Peace Arch border of Canada). It is quite a ways from Bellevue, but please keep me in mind (and I will do the same for you) when there are events in Western WA. Would love to meet you.

  5. Welcome New Sisters – Get hooked up on the Official SOTF Facebook page, that is where all the chat and connecting goes on. Your wrangler can get you in. You can find your wrangler under the Member’s Area link above under sister directories. You can also search for members by town or state.

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      I am not on facebook, and don’t want to be. However, as a new member I would love connecting with other sisters in my area by email. wordsforhire@yahoo.com
      I have been in touch with my wranglers who might be able to put me in touch with others in my area (NW Washington/lower Mainland Canada). So far have not heard back from them. How can I search for members by town/state? Thank you.

  6. Hi, I Just joined and live in Dallas. I don’t have a trailer “YET” but hope too in the very near future. Please I would love to connect with anyone in the vicinity of Dallas, Houston, Austin, Collin County, Ft. Worth and the surrounding regions to start hanging out and participating, esp. in fishing. I lOVE to fish. On my bucket list is to learn to Fly Fish….and I need some female company to laugh and have fun.

    1. Hi Joleen, I live in Carrollton are. We have a couple of groups that meet monthly for dinner. Friend me on Facebook and I can help you get connected if you aren’t already! Welcome!

  7. I am a new member in southwest Missouri and would love to meet others in my area. Just bought a 1971 Serro Scotty that I am anxious to use. I have a membership at Treasure Lake in Branson and hope to try it out there. I plan to travel ministering to the lost, struggling with addictions. I do jail ministry locally. Hoping to meet other women with strong faith in our Lord. I also love hiking, haven’t fished for years, but might try it again.

    1. Hi, Charlotte – I live just east of Joplin and I’d love to hang out with you! 7 of us girls who all graduated from Neosho in the early ’70’s have formed our own little camping group and went to Roaring River and Eureka Springs this fall. One has a teardrop, the rest of us split up into two huge Yurt tents, lol – we are having a blast. Will you be in Roaring River in April? We are securing our site for that one, for sure! Next Saturday is a SOTF meeting down in NW AR if you would like to meet up or tag along. You are more than welcome!

  8. I am also a new member, and live in Missouri. I do not have my sister number yet,
    But am looking for new sister friends also in the Heartland Region. I live closest to
    Springfield, Mo. I’m trying to find the activity/ events in my area. I don’t have a trailer yet
    But enjoy camping and most all outdoor activity’s.

    1. Hi, Laura!! I’m in Duquesne, just east of Joplin and I just signed up last week. Don’t have a trailer, I just tent camp with my galpals from high school (we are now Seniors in every sense of the word, except we love to road trip and have fun!

  9. I am new also, looking for sisters to hook up with for a cup of coffee in the greater tri state area around Cincinnati, Dayton, northern KY, South East Indiana.
    Would like to talk to a few sisters to learn the ropes
    Any takers

    1. Hi Carla,

      I am a Newbie in Blaine, WA (on the Peace Arch border of Canada). Kennewick is not close to me, but lets keep each other in mind when there are events in Western WA. Would love to meet you! I am not on facebook. My email address is : wordsforhire@yahoo.com

  10. Welcome to all you new sisters! We are eager to meet you and have you join in our fun. The best way is to click on Events at the top of this page. Then click on Events by region, find your region and scroll through to see the events coming up. Also, most regions have a private Facebook page that you will need to have someone invite you too. In Arizona that is where we plan lunches, movie and dinner nights and where all our events are announced. Either find out who your wrangler is for your state or go to the Members area above, then Member Directory and you will find contact information for Sisters in your state. They can guide you to the best resources for your state and help you get indoctrinated.

  11. Hi, I am in central Oklahoma in a small town of 825 so I don’t know much of anyone anymore. It isn’t like the older days when neighbors would speak to each other, now they don’t even open their doors. how sad.. Anyone else around here?

  12. I paid my dues on 9/23/2018 and got a welcome email from sister #1 & #2 but I can’t log in to the members area to fill out the profile and access other information. When I go to the Welcome Sister page and click Login it goes straight to “News” , when I click the 3 red marks in the upper right hand corner there is an option for members area but not a place I can sign in. My sister number is 12310 (which was sent to me from info@sotf) but I can’t find anyplace to put it.

    I live in Bowie, Tx, between Ft Worth and Wichita Falls. I’m trying to connect with sisters somewhere!!!

  13. Hey there, I am a new member in Tucson, AZ. any members in Tucson, or surrounding areas? Interested in speaking with you. Looking forward to getting to a few events or hosting one maybe. My email is burtonbooks@msn.com, please contact me. Any in this region which includes New Mexico, etc. Thanks, Maralyne Burton

    1. -Marlayne Burton, have you gotten hooked up yet? We have a number of sisters in your area. Have you gotten on the Southwest Sisters Facebook page yet? That is a good place to connect.

  14. I have just joined in Phoenix!
    Want to join a group since I recently bought a 2018 Vintage Cruiser! Have made an inaugural trip to Tucson! Am ready to roll and meet w SOTF in my area!

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