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Seriously! Think “Rosie the Riveter” reincarnated!

170827162942-06-hurricane-harvey-tim-fadek-super-169About 90 motivated & mobile Sisters on the Fly-affiliated women are in Port Aransas, TX, helping the rebuild effort after Hurricane Harvey devastated the marine town.

They make up the Sisters on the Fly “Sister Corps”- a cross between the Peace Corps and Habitat for Humanity.

“Sisters” leading this effort—
There’s uber-organizer/director, Texan Leeann Moore and her Texan co-director, Sherry Gibbons, plus a Planning Committee of skilled, talented, committed and experienced women: Lessie Griffin Pickard, Jan O’Brien Wallace,  Judy Holcomb Minter, April Price McDonald and Suzy Gray.

There are 9 organized teams including a Base Camp team- women with leather gloves and power tools, shovels, mops, chain saws, drills, ladders and levels and huge quantities of donations from our Sisters on the Fly from all over the US. Donations of tools, gloves, gift cards and hundreds of other items have been received to date.

920x920Women participating in this event hail from Washington State, Vermont, California, Michigan, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arizona, Nebraska, Missouri, West Virginia, Montana, Colorado, Wisconsin, Illinois, Nevada, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oregon, Texas and.. and… whoever else shows up! They are arriving with and without their travel trailers, ready to head wherever need be and ready share the ride and the accommodations.

Moore, who spearheaded this entire event, credits her husband, Gene Kuhel, for supporting her and this event and for putting up with hours of her being on the phone and computer and surrounded by the piles of paperwork involved in the logistics of this volunteer operation.

Thanks to Esther Enos for media outreach about this determined bunch of women  in the week ahead of tackling this undertaking.



Hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes, wild fires, flash floods…crazy events! Natural disasters that Mother Nature dishes out and we have no power or control over.

Sisters are here to help! If we learn of a Sister in need you can bet there are SOTF members willing to respond whole-heartedly and in full force locally or nationally.

Our members-driven Sister Corps groups are hands on and ready to dig in…literally. They can tackle debris & trash removal, hauling, potable water delivery, property clearing, home repairs, personal hygiene supplies, etc… With the versatility and mobility of our members (travel trailers {aka bedrooms on wheels} & work-horse towing vehicles) an organized Sister Corps group can react pretty quickly.

21151109_10214056718762949_56757_n_1503786087091_10413867_ver1.0Email info@sistersonthefly.com with a description of your urgency or someone else’s need.

Email events@sistersonthefly.com to relay your relief effort event idea, planning request and location of work order.

There are disaster relief funds available within your reach. When you email, inquire about where and how to apply for financial support to support the relief effort.


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  1. Thank you for all of the work you did at Port Aransas. I have been going there all of my life and had owned a home – sold it a few years ago, but the storm wiped it out. I would love to go on some of your outings where you help people. I am in Lubbock, TX and do not know who to contact in my area. Please contact me if you are in my area too!~

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