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Happy Camper Girls: Sister #1480’s Story

Our Dear Sister #1480, better known as Mig, is doing something bold, brazen, brave and generally fabulous. Girlfriend is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Yep, in the spirit of living life in the fullest, Mig has set off on a  5-month adventure. You can read her first post here, and continue to follow her journey on her Blogspot.
As part of her journey, Mig is fundraising for two organizations near and dear to her: The Mazie Morrison Foundation & Casting for Recovery. You can learn more and contribute here

People always ask me…Why do you do crazy things?  Because I can!  When I first started talking to people about doing the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT),  they thought I was crazy.  Heck,  I thought I was crazy.  Then I made a plan, I set a goal,  I decided to do it!  So I researched,  and read, and marked it on my calendar and told everybody I knew so I wouldn’t back down.  I was determined to go.
Some people will understand,  some won’t,  family members will question my age, sanity, health etc.  If you are a camper or a hiker, then you will know that “The mountains are calling and you must go”.  It’s not really a choice if you love the outdoors.  Sometimes you have to feel free,  you have to get outside, you have to see “Green”.  It’s something so strong that tugs inside of you.  It’s like fishing, or hunting, or anything that you love,  you would spend your last dime doing it.  Yes,  it is extreme,  it sounds crazy,  will it be worth it,  let’s find out.
Here are the most asked questions…
What are you doing, this hiking thing?
I am going to hike the Pacific Crest Trail
What is the PCT?
The PCT is a national scenic trail.  It starts at the border of Mexico and then winds its way through 3 states, California, Oregon and Washington up to the Canadian Border.  It’s a long way about 2,650 miles.
How long will it take you?
5 months
Wait, you are going to walk from Mexico to Canada?  No way!
Yes way,  I am going to backpack from Mexico to Canada.
Why would you even want to do that?
Well, because I can,  why not?  I’m healthy,  I can do it,  and besides, there is a reason.  I wanted to hike for a purpose besides just me wanting to go and then I found not one but two very good reasons, Read under Sponsorship below.
How many miles do you have to walk a day?
I will probably average around 20  or so.  Some days will be zero days (means no walking).  Those are the days I will be in town stocking up food (re-supply) and saying hi to friends.
Aren’t you afraid of bears?
No, not really,  well yea, kind of, if they are chasing me.  Don’t worry mom,  I will have bear spray with me.  I am careful,  I know what to do.
Are you bringing your gun?  
No,  but I am a smart girl and I do have my concealed weapons permit.  Enough said.

What do you do about food?
Well, you eat.  Lol.  No, really,  you pack enough food till you hit a town and then you eat a really big meal in town and then you get back on the trail.  You eat dried food, tons of snacks and lots of water.  The average is about 6,000 calories a day.  Yep,  you burn that amount up walking.
I am an ultra-lite backpacker so that means I have done the research and found out the lightest weight items to pack.  Less weight in the pack means less weight on your feet and that means “Happy Feet”.
The goods:

What happens if you have to go to the bathroom?
You grab your trowel, tent stake or whatever, you make a cat hole, you poo, you cover it up,  you pack out your trash (Leave no trace principles) until you find a trash can to throw it away.  When you pee, you do it off trail, away from water etc.  It’s like when you were a kid.  You get the idea.
But where are the showers?
Silly goose, there aren’t any except in town.  You can swim in a lake.  Save your water for drinking.  You can deal with the dirt and sweat,  you also have baby wipes to use if you get really bad.
You are bringing boots…Right?
Maybe in the mountains with a heavy snow but really you just wear “trail running shoes”.  You have to think lite, really lite.  Remember about your feet?
Are you going with somebody?
I am planning on going alone, however, I think I found a friend who may want to go with me.  You meet a ton of people on the trail so you are never really alone.  If I end up going alone, no worries,  I have planned it that way from the beginning,  Be Prepared!  Thats the Boy Scout Motto.
How do you train for something like that?
You walk a lot,  you hike with people, you stop eating junk.  You surround yourself with positive things, you opt outside, you sleep in your tent every chance you can, even in the living room, you sleep in your sleeping bag.  You pretend!  You think…PCT…PCT…PCT… You do not let anyone tell you that you can’t do this,  you let no discouragement come your way,  you block that (negative) stuff out.  Read my lips  I AM HIKING THE PCT!
How can I sponsor you? 
I am fundraising for two different women’s organizations.
1.  Mazie Morrison Foundation ( part of the “Sisters on the fly Organization”).
This is a wonderful organization that helps kids get camping scholarships.  What better way to help kids get outside.  It also helps women with outdoor activities  “Sisters on the Fly”.  Please take a look at maziemorrisonfoundation.org
2.  Casting for Recovery
This is a wonderful organization that enriches the live’s of women who have breast cancer by offering free fly-fishing retreats.
You can make a contribution here!  You can even sponsor me by the mile or by the day.  Anything and everything helps.  Let’s make a difference in this world.
You can read about my PCT Hike at…. happycampergirls.blogspot.com