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New Sisters, Get started here!

Welcome, NEW SISTERS!!!

We are so excited to have you as a new & valued Sister on the fly!

The SOTF website is your key to connecting to the world of SOTF right away.

Please log onto the website (www.sistersonthefly.com) when you get the chance with your username (your Firstname_Lastname) or your email & enter the password you picked.

Go to the MEMBERS AREA tab (at top of the webpage on larger screened devices or click on the little red bars at top right on all small screen devices to make those dropdown tabs appear) and click on MY PROFILE in the MY SISTER INFO column. You’ll find your unique Sister Number in your personal profile there as well.

Please Complete Both Sections in Your Profile

While in there, please complete your profile so other members can connect with you better and we can mail your welcome packet to the correct address. To do that click on PROFILE (in the purple bar), then click on EDIT (in tan bar below it), then click on both the SISTER INFO and CONTACT INFO buttons to fill in all those info fields as much as you’d like. And, please add a photo of YOU (not your dog or your trailer) so we can put a face to the name!!!

Dig in to Sister Info at Your Fingertips

Also under the MEMBERS AREA, you will find lots of helpful pages like the Member Directory, Wrangler & Staff Directory, Trailer Name list, lots of “How-To” instructions and so much more!

By clicking on or hovering over the EVENTS tab that’s only visible to logged in members, you’ll be able to search for & view all the amazing events, trips & adventures posted, and sign up for some and even create your own events. Your special area coordinator (aka Wrangler) can help you do that! Fun!

Your area Wrangler will be in touch soon. But also feel free to email her first to introduce yourself (in MEMBERS AREA, click on Wrangler & Staff Directory to find her email).

Members Only Facebook Group Pages

Ask her to add you to your local Sisters’ private group Facebook page to get you in the loop, too.
For questions about a specific event, be sure to reach out to its hostess.
To see who your Wrangler is go to that Wranglers & Staff Directory page.

General Info

For Membership questions, reach out to membership@sistersonthefly.com

Your certificate of membership with your unique Sister number on it, in a printable format (PDF) should have been an attachment . Look for your separate SOTF Welcome Packet with Sister goodies in the mail in the near future.

Once again, we’re thrilled to have you, excited to get to know you and ready to see you around the fire or on the open road!

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  1. I bet I joined 4 or 5 times. I really don’t know if I’m actually a member though. Trouble with the website. If you didn’t get the $70 through PayPal, I hope someone will get in touch with me and I’ll pay.

    Likewise, if I joined and paid 5 times, I hope someone will let me know that as well!

    I’m looking forward to being a member!

  2. Just joined! Woohoo!
    Trouble with the website, I may have paid 2or3 times. I’m excited to meet some new friends and travel. I don’t have a trailer but I’ll find a way to make things work!

  3. Super happy to find SOTF! Can not wait to meet members in my area and start attending & creating events!
    Get ready for more Canadians!!

  4. I finally got logged in -had to join on the non renewing form! But looking forward to having adventures with this exciting group. Looking for the Cali girls I’m in NorCal. No mini trailer just a 25′ TT with my husband guess I’ll have to round up my own! See y’all down the trail.

    1. Hi Rosemary…I’m a Cali girl..but more central. I’d like to connect with more Cali sisters…the list of events for this region seems small. Have you signed up for any events yet? Contemplating Lake Tahoe, but it is a long drive…Kathleen

  5. Yaaaaay! I’m finally in! Working on downsizing from a 26’ Born Free class C RV to a sweet Little Guy Teardrop! Less work…more FUN! Ready to play with Ya’ll!

  6. YAY! I’m in. What a wonderful social group to be part of.
    I’m very excited. I love in Bay Saint Louis, MS. But I’m a westerner at heart. California girl born and raised and lived most of my life there.
    Now we are so proud to be living in the beautiful state of Mississippi on the incredible Gulf of Mexico. Not far from New Orleans. And inlove doggies. Have 3. Walt Disney our Golden Doodle Pheobe our Maltese and Satch Meaux our Morkie. We also have 4 human kids and 3 grandkids and soon to have 5. 2 more on the way. I won’t bore you with any other details.
    Please connect with me.
    Now to find me a camper trailer.
    All help welcome. I’m ready to get the show on the road.

    1. Welcome Cheryl! Please look at the event section, we are having a Mississippi Meet and Greet for lunch at Shaggys in Gulfport on August 15. Would love to meet you ! Hope you can come!

  7. Hi All! Glad to be one of your newest members!
    I’m hoping to hit the road no later than January 2019!
    So much to learn from y’all before then!

  8. Yay, I just joined today. I don’t have a camper yet, looking at the Pee Wee campers. Or if any one knows of someone selling one let me know. I’m excited about being in this group—I love to have fun. Retired and ready for some fun !!!

  9. Just joined, yay! It appears that every event within 300 miles of me is full already. Obviously, booking early is key. Is there a better way to find places that may still have spots than simply hunting and pecking?
    I’m starting to wonder just how difficult this will continue to be.

  10. Hi just joined today too! I also don’t have a camper…..yet! Looking for sisters from the Michigan area so we can share good times! Sandy Dionisi

  11. I finally got in to website… I am excited to be one of the “sisters” I just recently retired and just purchased a 2015 Winnebago micro Minnie that I hope to make memories in with my mother. I have not located my SOTF number yet? I live in Mobile,Alabama and I’m ready to start back camping.

  12. Good morning, I just joined the group. I don’t have a camper yet but I will as soon as I can find one. I live in St. Petersburg, FL. Looking forward to seeing you all on the road. Happy trails. Eileen

    Photo to follow soon.

    1. Hi Eileen,
      Welcome!! I live in Englewood, Fl. I myself just joined last week!! I don’t have camper at this time but looking…. Have a great week ahead, Cathy

  13. Hello new to SOTF and very excited! I am from Queens, Bayside, NY. I am a school teacher, a single mom to a 7 year old little boy and look forward to meeting new people!

  14. I also had a time with the website. I had to reload several pages. But I am now a member. I am hoping to find local Va and NC sisters. I am near Roanoke,Va.

  15. Excited to join this group….Love the motto especially to Nice part! I bought my bambi with my ex long ago and am finally getting back into it, giving it love and making it mine MINE MINE!!!

    I love fishing, grew up with an outdoor family. Love the idea of being able to celebrate being a sister and fishing all together! Thanks for this group. Looking forward to leaning in!


  16. I’m so excited to be a part of the Sisterhood, cannot wait to connect, make new friends and see where my adventure takes me on this exciting new journey!

  17. YAYAYAYAYAY!!! FINALLY was able to get logged in and paid! Wahoobies! 🙂 This is so cool and I’m already flying around the website checking things out! Looking forward to getting to know everyone!


  18. I am able to log in and view most things, however, I haven’t provided my payment information…Website problems? I have sent emails to the appropriate people listed and hope my Member email comes through soon, so I can show you all my wonderful New/Old Camper!! My adult children sent me the links for The Sisterhood…Thanks, kids!! I am very excited…….

  19. So thrilled to be a part of these amazing women! It was a bit hard to get the website to cooperate but I was persistent and I am looking forward to participating in wonderful adventures with like minded explorers and seekers of lots of fun! I don’t yet have a camper, I’m on the hunt for the perfect mate for my “Ruby” who is a fully restored 64 Ford F100. I live in Fredericksburg, TX and have a second home in Santa Fe, NM. Hope to see you around the campfire soon…

  20. I think I just joined…..I have no idea what I did to finally get it to take my credit card ….. lol! I’m so excited! I look forward to some great adventures and new friendships……

  21. Well, let the fun begin! So happy to be here! Looking forward to meeting all of you sisters. I am a newly widowed young 61 year old with a 6 pound Brussels Griffon from Bucks County,PA. I grew up at the Jersey shore salt water fishing. So any fishing will do. I love being in nature.
    Ready for my new journey!

  22. I am so encouraged. It has been a mystical journey to get to this point and i’m where I’m meant to be. SO looking forward to my first event, however, I need to find my trailer!!! We’ll meet soon. Eyes on the prize and ready to fly!

  23. Happy to have found this group and eager to meet others and join in on the fun adventures. Hoping to meet sisters in the Southeast. Also had trouble with the website so still searching for where to complete my profile…

  24. I finally got into website! (I think this is some type of initiation to weed out people who are not determined to find the adventures in life) :). But, I was thrilled to see the list of activities coming up!!! It looks like a lot of activities out west so I will be watching for some east coast fun. So happy to finally be a sister!

  25. Hi Sisters, I have e-mailed you several times. Joined, paid, and still can not get into the Members Area. Getting frustrated. i want to find sisters in Michigan. I live in Gaylord MI. I like to kayak, fish, motorbike, camp, and have a good time. If you live in MI and want to bike around lake Superior contact me at upnorth77@gmx.com Summers going fast lets get a trip going.
    Sister Cynthia Wilson

  26. South Florida, here. SOOOOO excited to have joined the “Sisterhood”! I think the SOFT is so popular that the website is inundated with traffic, hence the problems. I guess that is a good problem to have…. LOL!
    I am a happily married, mom of three (only one left at home, though) who loves the outdoors and is always looking for my next adventure. LOVE to camp, however, do not own a camper. I purchased a 1965 Tagalong last year to refurbish but it ended up being too far gone. Once we started digging around, we realized that it was rotten through and through. So….. we now have a trailer! Trying to decide if I want to build one from scratch (MIGHT be fun) or just bite the bullet and buy another one. I really didn’t want a new one….. preferred to have some “character”…. but “vintage” has gotten so popular that I may not be able to find another one. 🙁
    Looking forward to meeting everyone and making lots of memories with my new extended family!

  27. I am very excited to be here. I was a little hesitate to join due to so many comments about it being so difficult. My enrollment went right through the first time! I could not be more inexperienced at this if I tried, but Oh how I yearn to join the fun. Thank you to everyone who makes this happen. I look forward to the first of many adventures!

  28. It’s Marilyn Nichol here. I live in London, Ontario, Canada. I just joined this week. I am member #10950. I am interested in finding out if there are many other members in Ontario. I am happy to be in this group and look forward to meeting some great new friends!

  29. So excited to be Sister #11132 …. Love that number as well … can’t wait to get a vintage camper & put that number on it… whoo hoo
    First event in Venice, Fl for a “Meet & Greet” on Aug 25th. For junkin too … LOVE it.

  30. Hello, I Joined yesterday. I had a little trouble getting registered but at last success.
    I live in a very small town in Northern Utah. Not much going on there. I just bought my trailer in March and am looking forward to getting out and LIVING again.
    I don’t see much going on for my area. I may have to check out what Idaho has going on.
    I am looking forward to meeting and making new friends.

  31. Hi Gayle,
    I joined yesterday too. I am trying to find out about a Grand Maria’s event in Northern Minnesota. I don’t have a trailer yet, and don’t know how to pull one. BUT….if everyone here can do that, than I can too. What are you going to do first and do you know anyone else? Why did. You join?

    1. Hi there! I’m sorry it took me awhile to reply. I do not have a trailer yet, so I am going to tent camp. This will be my first time, so I promise it to be entertaining watching me pitch a tent! I am attending the Rocky Mountain High VII event in Nebraska at the end of the month. I am so excited I almost peed my pants! I cannot wait to meet my new sisters!

  32. Hey.. Bev here.. I am so looking forward to making new friends and having some awesome adventures!! Please connect with me… I live in southern VT….. we need to get more members up here…!!!

  33. Hi all! I just joined here in Anchorage, AK. I’m hoping to hook up with others from my area. I just bought a 1971 Shasta Loflyte and I’m tricking out the inside in a country cottage theme. I hope I didn’t get charged multiple time because I had some issues joining. ?

  34. Looking forward to joining! Not sure if it went through or not. Perhaps someone could call me if I’m not entirely “in”. I used to own a small Cardinal. My husband couldn’t stand up in it and before it was fashionable, it was sold. But I’m looking forward to having another one for me (and the grandkids, while parked at home)! Let me know if I’m in! Thanks

  35. Hi, I joined a few days ago. I thought I responded to Debbie in CA, asking if there were groups in CA. I am from San Diego area and bought a used RV last year. I flew to Oklahoma City and bought my 2012 Coachman Freelander from a 70 year old lady. Never drove an RV but I drove it back to San Diego in 3 days. As soon as I got home, I started redecorating by painting cupboards, new flooring, wall paper, hew upholstery, wall paper, new bedding. I love it. Did it all myself… I am starting to work on painting the out side this week. I totally want to connect with other adventurist women in order to get my “RV legs”. Lol. I see that there is an interesting get together in Lake Tahoe in September. Any newbies going? Hopefully we will meet soon. Glad to be a Cowgirl… and I say that with a cowgirl drawl (“spoken in a slow, lazy way with prolonged vowel sounds”)… Google Definition?

  36. I just joined and am anxious to get involved. I am married, retired and moved to Georgia in 2015, leaving old friends, colleagues, and an active social life behind. It’s time to reinvent my life for this new chapter, and making friends is a top priority.

    I haven’t camped in years, but I have had the bug for a while now. I am admittedly a bit overwhelmed by the magnitude of this group, but am trying to navigate my way through!

    If you also live in middle Georgia, or anywhere close, please give me a shout. I’d love to meet up, even if it is not at an organized camping event. -Marjry

    1. Hi there, I live in Alpharetta!! 404-409-4374…..text me! I am also new and trying to navigate my way around SOTF. I would love to meet up with you. I have another girl friend who is also interested in joining.
      I hope you will take time to contact me.
      Sandy Stevens

  37. Shout Out to ALL my Georgia SOTF! I am new and would love to hook up and get involved.
    I live in Alpharetta, GA. I am a retired registered nurse, married, 2 grown children, 4 absolutely perfect grandchildren! Mom to two beautiful smart black and rust Dobermans, Hans and Gabby! They are my babies now.
    I live in the country, grew up in the country in MS.
    I am so excited about this group and I am ready to get active with camping with you amazing ladies!
    Feel free to TEXT me at 404-409-4374….as I do not answer calls from numbers I do not know.
    I hope to hear from you soon.

  38. Just joined from the south west tristate area
    Kentucky, Ohio, and indiana.
    I am anxious to get meet my sisters in this area even if it is just for a cup of coffee

    Anyone interested in the cincinnati or Dayton area having coffee or lunch with me

    Email cberryman1@yahoo.com

  39. Carol Haws # 13361. Just joined up. Can’t wait to meet some new sisters! I’m in eastern Oklahoma if anyone is nearby. I’m itching to use my new-to-me small trailer. I hoping to meet up with some of you soon.

  40. Hello Sisters! Have finally joined the group. Now to find my way to all the information. Just moved to Texas, so no doubt plenty of sisters here! Looking forward to meeting y’all!!

  41. Hello Sisters!! Just joined from Texas and looking forward to this wonderful group of women. I am in the process now of looking for an RV, it will not be Vintage but will be a small one as I will be travelling solo.
    I have never towed, only camping I have done is tent camping and now moving up to RV.
    Window shopping this weekend with sister to see what type of RV I maybe interested in.
    Does the sister on the fly also have a blog to ask questions when it comes to learning how to RV, tow, black water, just anything RV?

    Looking forward to future outings and meeting fellow sisters.

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