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Message from Maurrie


June 22, 2020


I’ve been sitting here thinking about all the strife and uncertainty in these times we are currently living through.  It came to me while on a Sister trip in New Mexico how dramatically the Coronavirus, our inability to go about our lives as we have in the past, and the current political unrest we see has been spreading across our beautiful country.  I spent some time revisiting the initial creation of SOTF and how happy we were to be in one another’s company, sharing adventures and each others’ life experiences.  SOTF has been proud of the growth of our organization and the acceptance and collegiality of our members.  It is an organization like no other.

However, and this saddens me to say, the racial and political uneasiness has caused many to forget about how important it is for us to always remember we are equal in this land. We’ve all seen inappropriate memes, cartoons, Facebook posts, and photographs that represent what can be considered mean-spirited and hateful even though that may not have been the intent of the poster.  We have always encouraged inclusion of all women, regardless of race, sexual orientation, religious belief, age or political party, and been proud of that.  It is especially important in this time of uncertainty to be cognizant of how our actions may impact others.  There are many who won’t respond when hurt, enraged or confused by posts of this nature, but they may not continue to remain members, feeling this isn’t a safe place for them, or they may choose to share their opinion that Sisters on the Fly is not good for all women.  We became the largest women’s outdoor adventure group through inclusion, understanding, love and representing the place for more fun than one can imagine.  This must continue to stand!

We want our members to come to our events, visit our website and our Facebook pages to find fun, friends, fabulous events and advice on how to achieve those experiences in their lives.  They do not visit those places to be met with confusion about why those types of posts appear on our social media sites.  It is important for me to share how I want the places that represent Sisters on the Fly to be free of the controversy those types of communication create.

It is not our intention to dictate how you live your life or what you believe or stand for; however, we do intend to keep our social media places free of hurtful messages, racial representations of others, political, sexual orientation or religious divisiveness.  There is no place in SOTF for separation of our members on those topics.  In the words of an old adage, “One for all and all for one.”  So, going forward, please understand that any such posts that appear on our public or shared SOTF Facebook pages will be removed.  What you share on your personal pages is just that, personal, and not the business of SOTF.  It hurts me to have to say this, but I feel I must to protect what was created to foster and lift up women.

It is not our place or position to regulate your freedom of speech, but it is our intent to keep our space a place of inclusion, understanding, helpfulness and love for all seeking a safe place to share experiences with other women.

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Our monthly Travel With Kindness Campaign for June 2020 is *Round Up Your Recipes*!

Share your favorite dish on the Official Sisters on the Fly Facebook page. Be sure to include your sister number and where you are from in your post.

Share Granny’s secret recipe (we won’t tell). A great canning recipe, decadent over the top cookies, cakes and candy recipes. How about some of those casserole recipes you have found these last few months? Bread, OMG, bread for sure. We have seen so many pictures of wonderful baked loaves of bread. There is no doubt, we can fill the Facebook pages with such tantalizing delights.

So, get to rounding up your recipes and get them posted. We smell things a-cooking and a-baking. Enjoy!🍲 🍜 🍪
Lynda #8835 and Barbara #8837 will be live on Facebook, Friday June 5th.


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CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of Lynda and Barbara’s live FB drawing for May’s campaign, Travel with Kindness “Share Your Talent”!

*Donators: Thank you for your generous talent and donation. Maurrie Sussman, Shari Mims Kreitz, Debra Hart Facer, and Erin Hudson.

The prizes and winners are:

SOTF Free One Year Membership- Lynn McWhorter #6787

TwKindness Sticker – Terrie King #15910

Necklace – JoAnn Winter #2831

Sister Decal – Cindy Wilson #2949

Trailer Tote Bag – Holly Potter #9143

TwKindness Sticker – Carol Green #9951

Sister Decal – Kathy Wadsworth #5998

Members' Newsletter

SOTF Travel with Kindness Campaign

Month of May – Share Your Talent

We came together last month, not around the campfire but sharing our Corners. We learned a bit more about each other and had the best time! Let’s continue the sharing with May’s theme of SHARE YOUR TALENT!
We are all unique and that’s what makes us a fabulous Sisterhood. Whether you love to sing, sculpt, sew, play an instrument, fly fish, craft, sail, bake, run, write, dance, garden, etc., it is time to share it with your Sisters!
Showcase your talent with a short video or pictures and a short paragraph. Post your talent on the Official Sisters on the Fly Facebook page. From there we will add submissions to the SOTF website and share with our Sisters that don’t use FB!
Your hostesses, Lynda and Barbara will enter all Sisters who participate in “Share Your Talent” into a drawing to win fun Travel with Kindness items.

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We absolutely LOVE seeing all of our Sisters’ corners! Thank you to all who submitted your Corners on our Official Facebook Page. Each participating Sisters name was added to a drawing for a variety of gifts.. TWK stickers, magnets, aprons.. the list goes on!

The lucky winners are:

TWK logo


Jennifer Gaglianello  Sister#1867
Michelle Welslag  Sister #10418
Gwen Pierce  Sister #13301
Barbara Pescitelli  Sister #11008
Jane Meehan  Sister #5417
Andrea Vaughan  Sister #8540
Nicole Reid  Sister #15863


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TWK logo

Welcome to our Corner in The Village of Laguna Beach, CA where sandy beaches, hiking trails and art galleries are within walking distance and Crystal Cove Campground is at the end of town. During our 32 years together, our life has revolved around family & grandkids, travel, hosting card parties for hospitalized kids, Sisters on the Fly, Barbara’s art business of stained glass/metal creations and our Wendi Wings Travel with Kindness Project. We joined Sisters on the Fly in 2017 with Sister Corps PA1 in Texas being our first event. We live by our philosophy of “Whether you travel down your local road or halfway around the world Travel with Kindness”. Our welcome mat is out….
Lynda Fountain #8835 & Barbara Bond #8837

Welcome to my Two Corners.. I live near the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, which is wonderful for hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking.  My neighborhood is horse country and we once upon a time had 4 Quarter Horses, however in the 25 years that we lived here, they have gently passed away.  Now I house trailers in the stalls, works great! We have an arena that you can come and park your trailer for a curb outings.

These photos are of our house, we spent many years having dinner parties. Sadly now that my husband Mickey has dementia, that part of my world is gone.  We still have a Sisters Meet and Greet every year.

My second corner is in Absarokee, Montana.  I am a Montana girl and love this area.  It is a cozy mining community, small town but full of big hearts. We have the Beartooth Mountains to hike in and rivers to fly fish and raft down. My little cabin has two bedrooms and also has an A-frame guest  house. Plenty of room to park your trailer for a sleep over as well!
Maurrie #1

Howdy from Redding, in Northern California, by the Oregon border. This is my little “Corner of the World”. I have been here for 12 years and love that I am situated close to freeways and highways that connect me to the world. When I moved up here, my sons built me an 810 sq. ft home which is perfect. I realized that I have a passion for small, that’s why I have 3 trailers and counting. I am in the process of redoing my latest (it has a bathroom, yah!)

I have been fortunate enough to have had 2 wonderful husbands in my lifetime, who shared kindness, love, patience, travel and were my best friends. I have 2 sons and 5 grandkids. Some of you already know, that of the 5 grandkids, 3 are triplets (now 10 yrs.) then, add in 3 real sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, my friends and all the SOTF members I have had the pleasure of meeting over the years, that it keeps me busy and so graciously thankful.

I joined SOTF in 2006 and it has become a huge part of what I do and how I enjoy living my life. So, as you wander, you might see me out and about, stop and say hello.

Kris Brown #474


Members' Newsletter

Seeds of Kindness
Spring is here! A time of reawakening in many ways. In Wyoming we see the emergence of grizzly and black bear. We anticipate the arrival of our mountain bluebirds and our State bird the meadowlark. We search for our spring bulbs pushing their way through the snow to see the sun. We eagerly watch for any tint of green on our trees and slowly watch the ice melt from the river so we can fish again. I start sorting through my garden/flower wish list, I enjoy looking at all the beautiful pictures on the seed catalog pages and dream of what my hands can plant for my flower vases and table. Let’s share this with each other. Seed packets are everywhere, affordable and easy to send. Find your favorite flower or vegetable seeds, maybe you handpicked seeds from your garden….even better! Go the our member directory, https://www.sistersonthefly.com/search-members/. Add 7 to your Sister #, enter that number in the search bar. If it comes back 0 add another 1 until you find a Sister to send your seeds to(remember to reset your search each time). Share, share, share on our FB pages. Sisters on the Fly does not want any of you to feel isolated or alone during this time. If you know of a Sister that isn’t on FB or doesn’t use a computer, please pass this on. We can brighten each other’s day with a simple seed packet and a note. I hope you join me in passing “seeds of kindness” to our Sisters. Need help? Reach out to me Debra, at membership@sistersonthefly.com. Get ready, get set, GO!!!!!

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New Year’s Housekeeping

Be in the know for next year regarding policy changes such as the Cancellation Policy, Renewal Packet Returns, our Pet Policy guidelines and more!

Year End Housekeeping Newsletter 2019

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Spring 2019 Shop Promo Code & News

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