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Making a Big Scene in Roundtop Texas


Sisters “Wander Inn”

Sisters on the Fly, the largest (and possibly most festive) women’s outdoor adventure group in the country,recently brought their seventy-five retro-fitted trailers to the Junk Gypsy’s Wander Inn (also known as Gypsyville) in Round Top for a four-night campout. Founded in 1999 and currently boasting about 4,500 active members, the Sisters convene at outdoor-friendly locales around the country to go on camping trips, horseback rides, fishing excursions, and other adventures.

SOTF Badges

The lively crew even earns badges for achievements, but the Girl Scouts this isn’t—you get the naked nymph badge, for example, by streaking in a semi-public spot. Members range in age from their early forties to their late seventies, and each woman has a different story for how she joined Sisters on the Fly.

Texas Monthly Magazine Coverage

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Featured photo by Cameron Gott.


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